Create effective templates to automate your manual data processes

How do you simplify document workflow in one step? Reduce manual data input. Generating pre-filled documents from contract templates saves time and energy and leaves zero chance for the human error. In this blog post we’d like to show you how to create contract templates with PDFfiller and forget about repetitive typing once and for all.

David is a busy accountant. He prepares hundreds of documents for employees, independent contractors and the IRS. These documents cannot contain any typos or errors, and what’s more – all these documents look alike. They all have the same company data such as address, phone number, account details, etc. Everyday, David opens an Excel spreadsheet, like he has hundreds of times before. He copies and pastes data into another tax form or invoice. At the end of his busy day, David dreams of copying and pasting himself home…

Many HR representatives, sales managers and other professionals dealing with large amounts of documents can relate to David’s pain and frustration.

With PDFfiller you can save time and eliminate errors made in documents that need repetitive data, by turning them into reusable templates. No more copying and pasting data manually. Every time you need to fill another W-2, sales agreement or invoice, create it from your pre-filled template and then add any new information where required.


Create a template and be free of time-consuming tasks

Templates are great for automating the more time-consuming stages of your workflow.

For example, having to fill out twenty customer invoices, all of which require the same repetitive information: your company’s name, business address, watermarks and logos, phone and fax numbers. Moreover, you’ll have the same shipping terms for all your deals. Let’s pre-fill one invoice with this information and use it to create a template for all future invoices.


Creating a template in PDFfiller

Create a professional looking template in minutes.

  • Open your invoice in MY DOCS.
  • Pre-fill it with the data that will be used for all your invoices: information about the seller, account number, shipping terms and add your company logo.
  • When everything looks good, click DONE to save your changes.
  • The next step is to create a template:
  • Go back to MY DOCS, select the pre-filled document and click More > Convert to Template.

Now the invoice is marked with T – meaning it has been converted to a template.


Managing templates in your PDFfiller account

Every time you need to create a new invoice with client data, click the Create from template button. After naming a new invoice you can fill out your client’s relevant information.

If you’d like to change the text or graphics in your template, click More > Revert Template back to Document and open the invoice in the PDFfiller editor.

What makes this easy is that you don’t have to be a programmer to automate your document workflow.

PDFfiller makes the life of busy accountants, HR managers, medical assistants and sales managers easier. Now you can start using templates to generate professional looking documents in seconds.



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