DD Form 149: Important Changes in the Serviceman’s Personal File

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DD Form 149 – Application for Correction of Military Record

An error in the personal file can cost a lot if you work in the army. You cannot simply edit data in some documents; any change in the personal file or documents of identity and rank of the soldier is documented separately. To correct the error, the submitter must provide all the necessary evidence confirming the changed information as well as apply using the Application for Correction of Military Record, DD Form 149.

Who needs a DD Form 149?

This form is used by current or former military personnel (active service, separated or retired) or their legal representatives to apply for a correction of military records. If you find an error or injustice in the military’s personnel records, you should complete this form and send it to the appropriate service’s Board – the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy and Marine Corps.
It is recommended to consult with someone who has experience of filing of such statements before submitting this particular form. Various veterans and service organizations furnish counsel without any charge.

What is the DD Form 149 for?

This form is an application for the correction of military records. The service secretary uses the information in the form to correct errors and injustices in the military records of the individual if the provided evidence is strong and accurate.

Is the DD Form 149 accompanied by other forms?

The applicant or their representatives should attach copies of all statements and records that support the case. The board will correct the military records only if the applicant provides enough evidence of an error or injustice. The secretary will contact all the witnesses that are mentioned in the statements. Personal appearance before the Board by the submitter and submitter’s witnesses is not required to ensure full and impartial consideration of the application.

When is the DD Form 149 due?

The applicant must submit the application within 3 years after the error or injustice was discovered.

How do I fill out the DD Form 149?

While completing the form, the applicant has to provide the following information:

  • Applicant’s personal information: branch of service (Army, Navy, Air force, Marine Corps, Coast guard), name, pay grade, service number, SSN;
  • Status with respect to the armed services;
  • Type of discharge;
  • Date of discharge or release;
  • Detailed description of the error or injustice;
  • Explanation of the reason or injustice;
  • Information about the previous decision on the case;
  • Discovery of the error or injustice;
  • List of the attached documents;
  • Information about the counsel (if there is any);
  • Address of the applicant.

The application must be signed and dated by the person whose record correction is being requested.

Where do I send the DD Form 149?

The application should be sent to the appropriate service Board. The address is printed on the second page of the form.