Stick to Your SSDI Benefits With the SSA Form 454-BK

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Form SSA-454-BK: Continuing Disability Review Report

Having been granted an approval of the claim for Social Security Disability Insurance, the disabled person still has to fulfill certain obligations in order to retain SSD benefits. By law, the Social Security Department should conduct reviews of of the disabled beneficiary’s medical condition at scheduled intervals. Therefore, the SSA will ask the disabled person to submit their Continuing Disability Review Report, which is labeled as SSA-454-BK Form, by sending a notice about the beginning of the medical review, that can be held every three if seven years. In this blog post, we will tell you how to properly handle the procedure of filling out your SSA-454-BK Report form.

Who needs the Continuing Disability Review Report?

The SSA will ask a person receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits to submit their SSA-454-BK form. Therefore, the submitters of the Continuing Disability Review Report are those who are physically restricted in their ability to be employed because of a (usually) physical disability. The form also requires the related health care provider to indicate information about the disabled person’s medical condition.

What is the purpose of the SSA Form 454-BK?

The Social Security Administration should have reasonable grounds to prolong the SSD insurance. The most important means by which the agency considers the case is the SSA-454-BK Report Form. All data furnished on the completed report form will be considered by the Social Security Administration in order to make a make a decision about the continuation of the disabilty benefits of the claimant.

Is the SSA-454-BK Form accompanied by any other forms?

There is no strict requirement stating that the Continuing Disability Review Report must be accompanied by any other forms or records. However, if the claimant finds it relevant and/or helpful to attach medical or employment records, it is worth doing so.
When is the SSA-454-BK Form expected?
When to expect the notice from the SSA about the beginning of the Continuing Disability Review (CDR) depends upon the category of the disability. It can fit into one of the following three categories:

  • Medical improvement is expected: the review shall be held in no less than six months or over eighteen months.
  • Medical improvement is possible: so as the full recovery is not expected but the condition is not assessed as severe, the review shall take place every three years
  • Medical improvement is not expected: the SSA shall conduct reviews every five – seven years.

How to fill out the SSA-454-BK Form?

The Continuing Disability Review Report Form consists of several sections. Those that should be completed by the disabled person are:

  • Section 1 – Details about the claimant (disabled person)
  • Section 2- Contact information of a friend or relative
  • Section 3 – Medical conditions
  • Section 4 – Work
  • Section 5 – Medical treatment (only those fields requiring information about the future doctor’s appointments and attending health care facility need to be completed by the patient). The rest of
  • Section 5 is to be completed by the health care provider.
  • Section 6 – Other medical information
  • Section 7 – Medicines
  • Section 8 – Education and training
  • Section 9 – Vocational rehabilitation, employment, etc.
  • Section 10 – Daily activities
  • Section 11 – Remarks

Where to send the completed SSA Form 454-BK?

The completed Review Report SSA 454 should be filed with the local Social Security Administration office.