Document Management for Medical Professionals

Medical Service Provider

pdfFiller is the document management platform of choice for on-site medical service providers because it is fast, flexible, and manages patient health information seamlessly and securely. pdfFiller helps medical professionals collect information, capture patient signatures, and bring care to where it’s most needed.

Professional Results

Nowhere is it more important that data be captured clearly, legibly, and securely. pdfFiller’s online editor helps ensure that medical forms are filled and signed clearly, doctor’s notes and prescriptions are legible, and sensitive patient details remain secure.

Secure Data Management

Through our stringent encryption standards along with safety and reporting protocols, pdFiller meets all HIPAA standards regarding the storage and transmitting of healthcare information. Medical business can edit healthcare documents online, send them for signature, and electronically fax them without ever worrying about document security.

Flexible Tools

Flexibility is of utmost importance to medical professionals in the field, particularly when caring for patients with debilitating health issues.  pdfFiller works on any mobile device and any operating system, so that care providers always have access to their documents and can work from anywhere.

Efficient Workflows

With tools like LinkToFill, most administrative work can take place before a site visit. Medical businesses can host fillable intake and release forms on their websites which patients can access, fill online and submit via email. By incorporating a doctor email list database sign-up option on the forms, patients can also receive follow-up messages from physicians directly in their inbox. Responses can be downloaded as excel files for easy data management, allowing medical practices to streamline their administrative processes and focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

The Complete Package

All of these great features come together in a single online platform which lets medical professionals focus on providing care rather than completing paperwork.  So what do more doctors prescribe for effective document management? pdfFiller!  To try it for yourself or to talk to someone about how PDFfiller could work for your medical business, contact us here today.