Document management made easy with the PDFfiller Dashboard

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PDFfiller is proud to release the all new Dashboard section for your account. Returning to work from a vacation or busy weekend doesn’t have to be stressful. The Dashboard helps you remember exactly where you left off before closing your laptop. Within the first few seconds of returning to work, you’ll discover how quick and easy it is to manage all documents, templates and forms in your PDFfiller account all from one convenient place.


Stay in the loop while logged off

The Dashboard allows you to focus on your most important tasks. Once you log in to your PDFfiller account, Dashboard notifications will inform you of submitted and shared documents, as well as documents waiting for your completion or signature.

PDFfiller Dashboard

The tiles on the right display stand for the total number of documents, templates and signature requests in your account.


Instantly track all recent document activity

Can’t figure out how a document appeared in your account? The Dashboard is designed to inform you of all recent account activity. Click on the Documents tab in the Dashboard to view all the recent documents you’ve edited, renamed, moved or deleted. Here you can also quickly organize documents by adding tags.

PDFfiller Dashboard

Moreover, buttons on the right allow you to quickly edit, export or save a document as well as automatically process document data.

Once recipients have submitted a fillable PDF form, you can easily access all filled documents in one click by pressing See Filled Forms in the information section.

Need detailed information about recent events in your activity log? Access the Audit Trail right from the Dashboard. There you can view descriptions of all your document actions as well as monitor your account’s access history.


Get quick control over your templates and data

Using templates to automatically pre-fill multiple documents with repetitive data is a time saver for accountants, tax advisors, sales managers, etc. Great news: you no longer have to search for the Templates folder in Mybox. Click the Template tab in the Dashboard and modify them as needed.

PDFfiller Dashboard

Here you can instantly edit a template, send it out for signature, share it via a link, QR code or host it on your website – all in one click.


Upload or create new documents and folders from a single place

The Dashboard allows you to add and create new documents or folders in your account with just a few clicks.

Click Add New and choose what you’d like to do.

PDFfiller Dashboard

This simple yet powerful feature allows you to instantly import the documents and forms you need straight to your account.


Locate your document using advanced search tools

Search for a document in your PDFfiller account right in the Dashboard.

PDFfiller Dashboard

Can’t remember a document’s name? No worries. The advanced search options allow you to use different categories and narrow down your search when looking for a document. You can search for a document by name, tag, sender’s email or by the name of an envelope. But even if your search results are unsuccessful, you can always access PDFfiller’s library of 25 million fillable documents.



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