Form ATF 4473: How to Formalize a Firearm Purchase

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Form ATF 4473 Firearms Transaction Record

Purchase of a firearm is an action implying responsibility of both an arms seller and a buyer. It is necessary to perform the deal in accordance with all legal provisions. Today we are showing you the main document, which is required for the legal registration of the firearm’s purchase and sale – Form ATF 4473.

Who needs a Form ATF 4473?

The ATF 4473 form should be filled out every single time a person buys a firearm from a Federal Firearms License dealer. This provision doesn’t apply to private sales when a person is buying a firearm from their relative or a friend. The ATF 4473 form, Firearms Transaction Record should be completed by both the seller and the buyer of the firearm.

What is Form ATF 4473 for?

The information a person provides on ATF 4473 form  the will be used to determine whether a buyer is prohibited by law from receiving a firearm.  Certain violations of the Gun Control Act, 18 U.S.C. are punishable by up to 10 years of incarceration and up to a $250,000 fine. Also, this form is used to alert the buyer of certain restrictions on the receipt and possession of firearms. The seller of a firearm must determine the lawfulness of the transaction and maintain proper records.

After the seller has completed the firearms transaction, they must complete this form and retain it for 20 years after the transaction. Please note, that even petitions that have been denied should be kept in the seller’s personal records for the next five years.

Is Form ATF 4473 accompanied by other forms?

The buyer must provide a valid document that certifies their identity and place of residence. A buyer should use the document issued in the state where they are trying to purchase the firearm. This document must contain a photo and age information.

How do I fill out Form ATF 4473?

Mistakes made on the ATF 4473  form contribute to over eighty percent of all FFL dealers losing their licenses. It is essential that the form is filled out carefully. Abbreviations should not be used, and all of the “yes or no” questions should be answered without exceptions.

The following items must be completed by the buyer:
• Personal Information (including residence address, place of birth, SSN);
• Questionnaire about mental and physical health, as well as past violations of the law.

The following items must be completed by the seller:
• Types and identification of the firearm(s) to be transferred;
• Buyer’s documents verification;
• NICS information status;
• Description of all the firearms sold to the specific buyer (Manufacturer, importer, model, serial number, type, and caliber must be specified).

Where do I send Form ATF 4473?

Once completed and signed by both parties, the original ATF 4473 form should be kept by the firearm dealer for their personal records.