How to Edit PDF Files

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  1. How to edit PDF files
  2. How to edit a PDF file using a software
  3. How to choose the right PDF editing software
  4. What about an online PDF app
  5. Converting PDF to editable format

How to Edit PDF Files

People who are used to working with a Word document may find it confusing when they have to make changes in a PDF file. Unlike Word files, PDFs consist mostly of objects not words that makes it hard to modify. Another difficulty about editing PDFs lies in getting around file security. Most PDF files are well-protected. A document owner may set a password to make data in a document visible to trusted individuals or they may set restricted access to allow changes to some parts of the content. Depending on the document security level there are three methods to break the protection and make a PDF editable:

  1. Install software on your desktop or laptop
  2. Work in a web-based app
  3. Convert the PDF to an editable format

Each method has its advantages and drawbacks. You can get a free app but limited functionality or buy a program with a full-featured editor. Let’s have a closer look at each method.

How to edit a PDF file using a software

If you often have to edit PDF files, installed software may be the right choice. What’s nice about it is that all the editing is done quickly, straight from the desktop. You get a specific set of features and a strong data security system that can be improved when upgrading the software.

However the price is where these programs fall short. Often the quality you get outweighs the cost issue especially if you’re going to use the program regularly. Another important thing about PDF software is its compatibility with operating systems. Some programs are designed for Windows and won’t run on Mac or Linux.

How to choose the right PDF editing software

When choosing among dozens of PDF editing programs focus on those that offer a free trial. It will help you test the core features and decide whether the program matches your needs. PDF-XChange Editor, for example, is a fast and small program with many features that don’t require a licence. With this software you can easily change text, esign the document and add comments or annotations. It also has a free demo version with some limitation on tools.

All software that can edit PDF files contains a different set of features and thus are differently priced. Compare some programs to get the best value for your money. Among top PDF editing software for Mac iSkysoft takes a leading position. With this tool you can preview, modify not only the text but also images and graphics and even scanned PDFs. However, its cost may be a real downside. If you can’t afford iSkysoft, try out Skim. You can download it for free and make almost the same number of edits including highlighting, erasing and underlining text or adding sticky notes.

What about an online PDF app

Installing specific software is often inconvenient. Hopefully there are tons of web-based PDF tools that don’t require going through a tedious installation process. With these apps you can edit PDFs any time from any internet-connected device. Generally, this is a faster and cheaper way to complete common tasks such as when you need to fill out a form in PDF or even make extensive edits. If that is what you need, PDFfiller is just the thing. It is a complete pdf editor that allows you to create and manage PDF documents, modify the content and formatting using a wide array of editing tools. PDFfiller makes it easy to add a digital signature, sticky notes, annotations, erase blackout and highlight text.

how to edit a pdf

how to edit pdf file

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Based on users’ preferences PDFfiller offers different subscription plans. This is what makes it a good option for basic PDF editing needs and pro tasks.

Converting PDF to editable format

Changing PDF format into an editable one, say a Word file, seems reasonable in theory until it comes to the practical part. As a result of the conversion process the structure of the PDF file is destroyed. A few apps are able to correctly perform file conversion.

There is no true one-size-fits-all approach that would make editing PDF files absolutely hassle-free. But there is definitely a solution that combines features to meet specific user needs.