Edit Text, Images and Graphics in an Original PDF with PDF Rewrite

PDFfiller is proud to announce the release of our newest feature: PDF Rewrite. Finally, you can change the content of an original PDF right in your PDFfiller account, without expensive downloads or complicated editing tools.

PDF Rewrite helps you change text, figures, images, and graphics inside a PDF as easily and intuitively as if you are editing a Word document.


Change the Way You Work with PDFs

PDF Rewriter can save up to 10 hours a week for small and midsize businesses.

For example, if you need to send a non-disclosure contract to your business partner but you want to protect your sensitive information by preventing any changes being made inside your legal document. That’s why you’ve created a PDF contract: to prevent edits being made so you can send unalterable contracts to your partners to be signed. However, to err is human and your lawyer has noticed a typo in the contract. Before, this small typo means you’ll need to correct and create a new contract that will need to be resent to your business partners… You may even have to install some type of desktop software and spend an hour learning how to use it. Imagine this situation happening several times a week.

Luckily, PDFfiller is here to streamline document workflow routines. Use PDF Rewrite to edit this pesky typo online in seconds, right in your PDFfiller account. Once you delete a mistake and start typing new text, its font, size, and color will automatically match the neighboring text. You don’t have to spend time looking for matching fonts or manually resizing text.


Some Insight into our Unique TrueEdit Technology

PDF files have a complex structure. This format can be thought of as a container with different types of information described in PostScript language and processed using specific instructions. PDFfiller has developed a unique TrueEdit technology which allows you to modify a PDF file at the level of these instructions. This means you can actually edit text, images and geometric shapes in an original PDF file.


What is the Difference between a PDF Rewriter and a PDF Editor? 

Unlike a PDF Rewriter, a PDF Editor’s annotation tools allow you to create a new layer on top of the original PDF, for example: using Erase or Black Out. PDF Rewriter is based on technology that modifies a PDF on the lowest level of instructions without creating new layers.

Keep in mind that PDF Rewriter supports only native PDFs. This means you can’t rewrite a scanned or image PDF’s text or graphic. Currently, PDF Rewriter only works in Google Chrome.


How can I Rewrite a PDF?

Editing typos and making major changes in your PDF is now a breeze.



Simply select a native PDF in your PDFfiller account and click Rewrite PDF.

Add text by clicking anywhere on your PDF and begin typing. The font, size, color, and style will automatically match with the nearest text.

To modify a PDF’s existing text, click it so that it is displayed in the editing rectangle. Delete a word, letter or other content within this rectangle and type your new text. Use the mini toolbar to resize your new text, change its position, delete or confirm.

Once you’ve made all the changes, click Save. You can further modify your PDF in the PDFfiller Editor, send your PDF out to be signed, save it, print it out or share it with your clients.



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