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Hope Discovery customer story


Scott Horton is the Lead Behavior Analyst at Hope Discovery ABA Services. The company, with its headquarters in Holland, Michigan, helps children with autism and other individuals on the autistic spectrum develop their intellectual potential while supporting their behavioral growth through one-on-one therapy sessions. Hope Discovery uses Applied Behavior Analysis [ABA], a leading approach for treating children with autism.

Horten’s highly trained team of eighteen employees serves most of the West Michigan area. Not only do they provide individual therapy sessions, but they also conduct various cognitive and behavioral assessments in order to provide specific targeted therapy for each individual. Hope Discovery also organizes training seminars for large and small groups who want to gain a better understanding of how to work with individuals with communicative disorders in a more effective manner.


Hope Discovery handles all documentation electronically. Horten and his team need to fill out various forms and contracts for current client cases each week. “I needed to fill [out] a bunch of applications for my contractors and needed something where I can fill the form,” Horten explained.

Horten went online in order to find a suitable service. “I was on the internet looking for something that I could use to edit PDF documents online. pdfFiller was the first thing that popped up in the search bar.”

“I was on the internet looking for something that I could use to edit PDF documents online. pdfFiller was the first thing that popped up in the search bar.”


When Horten saw the potential benefits of using pdfFiller, he made his decision quickly because he could try out pdfFiller free for a month. After that, he was hooked. “It actually became one of the applications that I use a lot,” Horten added.

Horten handles everything electronically, this meant that every week he was caught in the time-consuming process of searching online for fillable forms that can be sent to his clients. Sometimes he had to print out the forms he would find, “I would look for forms that were already fillable,” then would scan and proceed with emailing them to clients.

Horten wasn’t happy with his weekly search for documents, “that was the problem.” He decided to look for a solution online; that’s how pdfFiller popped up on his radar.


“Basically, pdfFiller offered a solution for [almost] any situation I was in,” explains Horton. The forms that pdfFiller has in its database were ready to use without any additional time spent searching online. “I could just email or fax them right away,” continued Horten.

Horten hadn’t tried any other solutions before using pdfFiller’s fillable forms to get forms to his clients faster. “I just started the business, so we weren’t really using anything before that.” Scouring the internet for printable fillable forms, filling them in by hand and faxing them back to clients was no longer an issue.

pdfFiller quickly became a part of Horten’s weekly business routine. He uses pdfFiller “not quite daily” but definitely 4–5 times a week. The other employees at Hope Discovery soon became interested in the product, “One or two other employees created accounts for themselves so they could use pdfFiller to fill and fax forms.”

Horten’s favorite feature that pdfFiller offers is definitely the “fillable part”, referring to fillable forms that are easy to find, create, email or fax to his clients. pdfFiller allows users to create various fillable forms for a range of purposes.


The document’s author can also designate specific fields that need to be filled so their client doesn’t have to look all over the document wondering what needs to be filled out and what doesn’t. If needed, dropdown menus with pre-filled answers can be created as well. Not only does this save time for business owners, it also simplifies the process for clients. “When there is something that needs to be filled out, I can just upload the form and get it done! It does speed things up!” says Horten.

pdfFiller offers a wide range of functionality that fits Hope Discovery’s needs and addresses issues that may come up in the future. Horten admits, “I’m sure there are features that I’m not even aware of, for example SendToSign, I really don’t use anything like that.”

SendToSign allows users to request quick and easy eSignatures. All eSignatures are collected online and neither party has wait for paper documents to be delievered. eSignatures can be sent or added from any device.





“pdfFiller saves my time,” explains Scott Horton. All the time he spent having to search, print, and scan can now be devoted towards his business and clients. With pdfFiller, editing and faxing PDF documents is easy. Hope Discovery can now edit and fax PDF documents in minutes, making their workflow much faster than before.


Whether a user is completing a fillable form or adding their eSignature, the easy-to-use interface guides users through the process. That’s why Horton lists pdfFiller among the applications that he uses most at work.



pdfFiller is an online platform where you can edit, fax, sign and share PDF documents from any internet connected device. There’s no need to close deals only from the office, nor do you need to be tethered to a printer or scanner. Horton can manage his business on-the-go with pdfFiller.


When it comes to business, every available tool that helps speed up your workflow, thus saving time and money is invaluable. pdfFiller’s fillable forms offer businesses a faster alternative that Hope Discovery ABA Services’ CEO Scott Horton uses to change the way he sends and receives documents.

pdfFiller makes filling out forms and sending them to clients easier. Horten says, “I tell my employees that if you need to have stuff filled out, hey, check out pdfFiller, that’s what I use.” When asked if he’d recommend the service, Horten enthusiastically responded, “Yes, I would and I do recommend it!” pdfFiller is one of the best ways to complete documents digitally, allowing for faster and more effective document management for any business.

“I tell my employees that if you need to have stuff filled out, hey, check out pdfFiller, that’s what I use. Yes, I would and I do recommend it”

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published March 23, 2018, updated on May 18, 2021