Effectively processing service agreements for higher customer satisfaction

Pied Piper Termite, Pest & Lawn is a lawn care and pest control company that operates out of Oklahoma and Texas. The company provides commercial and residential pest control, termite protection, and lawn maintenance services. Pied Piper office staff manage customer requests and schedule service appointments online to ensure that their customers don’t have to miss work or other important engagements in order to deal with their pest prevention.

The Challenge

Becky Jocoy

Office personnel at Pied Piper Termite

At Pied Piper Termite, Pest & Lawn, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers. What matters the most is – would you recommend Pied Piper to others? We receive service requests from customers who live outside the city 24 hours a day – 7 days a week and make sure every request is processed the same day and in real time.

Base of operations

The Challenge

Prior to using PDFfiller, it took Pied Piper Termite, Pest & Lawn at least an hour to get a single service agreement signed. The time and costs for collecting document signatures increased whenever travel was necessary to meet a client in person.

The managers at Pied Piper Termite, Pest & Lawn started looking for a solution that would alleviate any need for extra meetings with clients, ASAP emails and urgent calls that come in after office hours for missing information or incomplete service request forms.


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The Challenge

Our goal was to reduce request processing time, provide fast service and deliver a better customer experience. Plus, the need to fill out a number of paper documents has led to a lot of wasted time and costs over the years. PDFfiller turned out to be the exact tool we needed!

The Challenge

The Solution

Pied Piper Termite, Pest & Lawn office staff have been using PDFfiller for several years now. Their supervisor originally discovered the platform online and signed up for a free trial to evaluate its features. For Becky and her colleagues, collecting e-signed service agreements is now as easy as loading a template from PDFfiller’s online library of fillable forms, then filling and sending them out for e-signature, all from the same page. The entire process can be completed from any device, no internet searches or third-party applications needed.

With this additional freedom from printers and scanners, closing what used to be a week-long task now takes less than a day of straightforward work. The documents Becky completes in PDFfiller are automatically stored in her personal account, where she can access them anytime, even on the go. Keeping files in a protected cloud-based storage saves Pied Piper Termite, Pest & Lawn more than $100 of paper-related expenses per month, secures a reliable cloud backup for sensitive customer data, and contributes to environmentally friendly business.

The Challenge

Using PDFfiller has been a seamless experience for all our managers so far.
I would definitely recommend it to any company looking for a reliable tool for collecting service request forms and e-signatures online. A real time-saver!

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Today, small businesses are switching to online document management solutions to save time and office resources, while minimizing the hassle and ecological impact of paper-based workflows. With PDFfiller, companies like Pied Piper Termite, Pest & Lawn get an online PDF editor, e-signature solution, a constantly updated library of over 25M fillable form templates, secure online storage, and a plethora of additional document management features at a reasonable price.