Email Documents Faster with pMail

In the past, whenever you needed to send a document to a colleague for quick review or for their records, you had to open your Gmail account, attach the file and send them an email, where they would then download and open it.

PDFfiller cuts out much of the headache with its pMail feature: since you’re already using PDFfiller to edit and share your documents, why not just send the document to their email address from PDFfiller?

pMail allows you to send your documents directly into another PDFfiller user’s account. It will send a notification to your recipient’s email address that the document is waiting for them. And if the person doesn’t already have a PDFfiller account, the link in the notification email will create a free account for them to view your document.

We’ve recently streamlined our pMail feature to make it even easier to use! Check it out on the My Forms page or from the list of export options after you hit “Done” in the PDFfiller editor. To see how to use pMail, watch our new YouTube video: