Fast and seamless negotiations between the IRS and foreign musicians performing in the U.S.


Kevin Bothwell is an independent tax professional (enrolled agent) providing tax advice and withholding agreement instruction for negotiations between foreign classical musicians performing in the U.S. and the IRS, along with tax return preparation and electronic filing services. Kevin provides tax consulting and return preparation primarily to non-residents of the USA who perform and tour throughout the country.

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Kevin Bothwell

sole proprietor at Kevin Bothwell E.A.

As an employee at my previous job with an artist management firm, I was increasingly having to complete and send tax forms to the IRS. There was a direct link on one of the forms to the PDFfiller site. Having used PDFfiller for the first time, I realized that using it for all my tax form needs would make it infinitely easier to tailor the forms to different clients and to go back and edit forms if necessary in a minimal amount of time.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Prior to discovering PDFfiller, Kevin’s problem was that he would inevitably have to go back and re-create various tax form completions “from scratch,” proofing and editing each new version of any given tax form. PDFfiller allowed him to keep a library of various forms and templates, the key elements of which he could proof once, and then use and tailor them to various clients as would be needed.

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It was very time consuming, and posed the real possibility of making errors and mistakes.

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Kevin found PDFfiller online two years ago and has been using it at least once a day ever since. Federal and state taxing agencies require various forms for identifying the tax status and residence/citizenship of foreign performing artists touring in the U.S. If Kevin has a particular form that is requested, he simply finds it in PDFfiller, then completes and submits it from the same page. Should he need to complete the same form for another individual, Kevin returns to the previously completed form in his InBox or creates a new form from a template he previously created. Doing so not only saves him hours on administrative work every month, it reduces the possibility of making errors.


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PDFfiller makes the editing and completion of documents easier and much more efficient. I intend to use it exactly as I have in the past and do not at this time anticipate other demands to which I can apply PDFfiller.