How to Instantly Export Data from Client Forms into an Excel Spreadsheet

Collect data from filled in forms and documents online

PDFfiller’s Extract In Bulk Streamlines Customer Data Processing

Until recently, it would have taken a manager days to collect client data from multiple incoming forms and add it to a single table. The task required going through every document in order to find and manually copy specific data into an Excel spreadsheet. Then there’s the headache of ensuring it’s never misplaced or accidentally deleted from your device. However, it’s now possible to export data from PDF documents directly into an organized Excel Spreadsheet and securely store it on your personal PDFfiller account.

The process is simple and only takes minutes. A user selects a completed document as a template, defines the specific fields of content they would like to extract and exports the corresponding data from similar documents into an Excel Spreadsheet. PDFfiller’s Extract in Bulk completes several tasks in one automated process that involves exporting specific content from client forms into an Excel table and making it accessible from any internet connected device.

Make Fast Updates for Archives with Important Information

A Human Resources Manager wants to have an electronic record of employee personal information for use when updating company policy for health insurance, retirement benefits and paid time off.

Using Extract in Bulk, the HR manager can securely extract all personal information previously completed and submitted by the company’s employees upon their hiring. When the time comes for employees to complete their updated policy agreements, the HR manager can submit the new forms with the necessary personal information already filled in. The employees only have to read and sign to their new policies.

Create Accurate and Time-effective Reports

A Logistics Coordinator working for a national freight company is responsible for compiling a daily tracking report that must contain all shipping and tracking information for every shipment that is received and sent out.

All documentation for incoming and outgoing cargo is received via email and must be compiled into a spreadsheet, requiring the tedious copying and pasting of hundreds of shipping details. With Extract in Bulk, the Logistics Coordinator can compile all shipping data for the day into an organized and accurate spreadsheet within seconds.

Update Inventory Databases with Only Necessary Information

Managers for a retail chain of stores are responsible for submitting inventory figures to their head office at the close of each business day. Customer Service Representatives on the sales floor scan each item and submit their results to managers when they’ve finished scanning every item in their department.

Because there are so many irrelevant details for each scan in the inventory database, each manager uses Extract in Bulk to submit only necessary information which the head office requires for inventory verification.

All documents filled out and submitted by clients, as well as Excel Spreadsheets generated with Extract in Bulk, are stored securely in a private PDFfiller account. Only managers may access them for printing, editing or sharing with colleagues.

Explore PDFfiller’s Extract in Bulk with our free trial and see if it is the right solution for you.