FD-258 Fingerprints: Your First Step to a Federal Job

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Form FD-258 Applicant Fingerprint Card

Let’s continue our discussion about the intricacies of federal employment. We devote today’s review to Form FD-258, which is widely used by the Federal Security Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for fingerprint examination of a candidate applying for federal office. This form is a part of a more extensive test, which is mandatory for a person applying for a federal job.

Who needs a Form FD-258?

Form FD-258 is the Applicant Fingerprint Card. It is used by the following government agencies:
• Law Enforcement Agencies for registration for Law Enforcement Positions;
• Officials and state governments for employment, work licenses, and authorizations;
• U.S. Government agencies and other entities required by Federal Law;
• Official representatives of bank institutions insured by the state;

What is Form FD-258 for?

The Applicant Fingerprint Card is a standard form designed by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for fingerprinting. Fingerprints on this form are directed to forensics experts for examination. Only fingerprints not found in the offenders database are transmitted to the FBI. If the applicant passes the fingerprint examination, they are recorded in a government database.

Information provided on the Applicant Fingerprint Card is subject to disclosure to authorized non-government agencies responsible for employment, contracting licensing, security clearances, and other determinations.

Is Form FD-258 accompanied by other forms?

The Fingerprint Card does not need to be accompanied by other forms. Before being directed to carry out the fingerprinting process, the applicant must file their job application with the federal agency and pass the initial interview.

How do I fill out Form FD-258?

Form FD-258 is a simple one-page form. The following information should be provided to complete this Card:

  • Personal information on the individual being fingerprinted (citizenship, armed forces no., social security no, gender, race, height, weight, eyes, and hair color);
  • Employer’s information and address;
  • Reasons for being fingerprinted.

The main part of the form is occupied by the applicant’s fingerprints. To be valid, this form should be signed by the fingerprinted person and the official taking fingerprints. The area designated ‘Leave Blank’ should be left blank for special remarks from the FBI. The second page of this fillable PDF form contains instructions on how to take fingerprints correctly.

Where do I send Form FD-258?

Once completed and signed, the official representative taking fingerprints is responsible for directing the Applicant Fingerprint Card to the appropriate department.