Form 1099 PATR: Cooperative Dividend Payments to Patrons

This post was updated in April 2018

The IRS 1099 form series reports various types of income, payments and dividends. Form 1099 PATR reports taxable dividends that cooperatives make to their members, known sometimes as patrons. The cooperative, for example an agricultural or retail cooperative, must fill out a 2017 Form 1099 PATR for dividends exceeding $10 that it pays to each member. One copy of the form goes to the IRS, another goes to the recipient of the funds, and the last one is kept for the cooperative’s records.

Cooperatives need to submit Copy A of their 1099 PATR form to the IRS by February 28th, 2018 and Copy B to the patron by January 31st, 2018. Be aware that it may be more convenient for to fill and eFile the 1099 PATR, as the IRS can only scan physical 1099.PATR forms obtained from a tax office. Here’s a great CPA blog that breaks down exactly what information to enter in each box on Form 1099 PATR.

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