Form 944: Annual Tax Return for Small Businesses

This post was updated in April 2018

Most business owners know that they need to give quarterly reports to the IRS detailing their number of employees, what they were paid in wages and tips, and how much owners withheld in taxes. Medium and large companies will use Form 941 for this purpose.

In recent years the IRS has set up another way for small businesses to report these details. Form 944, the Employer Annual Federal Tax Return, allows businesses whose federal income taxes withheld from employees total less than $1,000 for the year to file a single Form 944, instead of quarterly Form 941 filings.

The IRS must tell small businesses if they are eligible to file a 2017 IRS Form 944. Otherwise, businesses cannot use 944 for their filing. As well, household employers and agricultural employers cannot use Form 944 (although agricultural employers can use Form 943 to report wages and withheld taxes).

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