Form AO 78: What You Need for Federal Judicial Office

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Form AO 78: the Federal Judicial Branch Application for Employment

Today’s review from PDFfiller is devoted to a form used to apply for a position in the federal judiciary, Form AO 78.  Let’s take a closer look!

What is Form AO 78 for?

The AO 78 form is a type of resume that an applicant provides when applying for a federal judicial position. Like any other resume, it contains the personal data of the applicant, a description of their qualifications, work experience, and education, etc. Since this form of application is used for an official government position in the judicial system, the submitter must provide any available information regarding past violations of the law, dismissals from work and tax evasion.

Who needs a Form AO 78?

An applicant who wants to file their candidacy for the vacant position at an institution which is part of Federal Judicial Branch should fill out Application for Employment, also known as Form AO-78.

Is Form AO 78 accompanied by other forms?

Usually, the applicant must submit the following documents as a single package:
Federal Judicial Branch Application for Employment (AO78);
• Resume including personal email address;
• Salary sheet showing the salaries of all previous positions that the applicant held;
• Written statement (2 pages long) describing whether the candidate has all the necessary experience, skills, and personality traits to allow them to occupy the vacant post.

How do I fill out Form AO 78?

There are several blocks to be filled out in Federal Judicial Branch Application for Employment. Let’s take a closer look at what they are:
1. Personal information: general information on the applicant including name, address, email and date of birth.
2. General Information describing the applicant’s citizenship, federal civilian employment history, and family connections with other persons working in the U.S. judicial system.
3. Background information – checkbox list clarifying whether previous dismissals and breach of the law happened.
4. Education: information about high school education, time of graduation and degree obtained.
5. Job-Related Skills, Awards, Special Accomplishment: list of the skills an applicant believes relevant to the position
6. Work Experience: information about past work experience, positions held, and salaries. Information provided should cover the past ten-year period from the date of submission of the application.

Where do I send Form AO 78?

You should know that AO 78 applications are not accepted via fax. Application materials may be sent via U.S. Mail and must be postmarked by the closing date of the vacancy announcement. Completed and signed Form AO-78 should be directed to the judicial office that announced the vacant position.