Take Control: File Your Own Health Insurance Claim Forms

For the past few Mondays, we’ve been posting, tweeting, and sharing content about medical care, so it only seems natural to start hashtagging. This week’s #MedicalMonday snippet is brought to you by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, specifically their CMS-1450 health insurance claim form.

Whether you’re a BCBS member in the great state of Tennessee or you hail from somewhere else between the America’s mountains, prairies, or oceans white with foam, (see what I did there? #patrioticsongs) chances are you or your doctor will file a health insurance claim when you receive medical care.

This CMS-1450 form (not to be confused with CMS-1500 –we’ll get to that later) was revised back in 2007 to give providers more diagnostic codes to work with and more options for processing payments, in addition to a few changes that got the ball rolling on handing electronic submissions.

2007 brought America’s consumers some notable trends and changes, some for the better, others for worse. Let’s take a moment to reminisce. Words printed on the seat of gym shorts. Hybrid cars. Small dogs as accessories. The iPhone. The comeback of bangs. Luckily, one of 2007’s notable trends that sprouted and flourished was the electronic processing of health records and insurance claims. Ah, technology. Such a beautiful thing.

Whether you’re working in a medical office and need to fill out this Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Claim Form on behalf of a patient and healthcare provider, or you want to submit your claim on your own, here’s what BCBS wants you to know about their claims process:

“Network providers generally file claims for you within 180 days of your visit. Your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) will be available online as soon as the claim is posted. When you login to BlueAccess you’ll find important information about your claims processed by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. If you choose to receive care from an out-of-network provider or if you use services other than those billed by a hospital or physician, you can file your own claim .”

There you have it! Click here to start filling out your Insurance Claim Form with PDFfiller‘s handy editor. Questions? Comments? Leave us a note below or join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.