Higher Education Resources for Veterans

Although in recent years, the revamped Post-9/11 GI bill has provided financial aid to veterans and their families, critics say it does not go far enough in easing the transition home, particularly for those veterans who are going back to school. Today’s veterans have increasing difficulty accessing their benefits and finding assistance in transferring credits, registering for classes or getting career advice.  

We at PDFfiller are dedicated to supporting our veterans by providing discounted accounts, tips on VA applications and benefits forms, and information resources to facilitate the next steps of their journey. To that end, we bring  you this week’s post from our guest blog series from Angela Hanners of Accredited Schools Online.

Accredited Schools Online recently published an online guide called Higher Education Resources for Veterans and Their Families by Ron Kness and Maggie O’Neill. The Guide was created for the purposes of addressing the many challenges college-bound veterans face.  According to company manager Dan Schuessler, “The transition from service to school is no easy task, for student veterans or their families. But with the right guidance, well-placed persistence, and a little know-how, it’s certainly worth the effort. We are here to make that transition as simple as possible.”

The guide provides online resources for veterans and valuable information that has been vetted by others who have overcome these obstacles first hand. With financial, academic, social, geographic and medical links to help student veterans and their families overcome the challenges of higher education and career training, it serves as an essential handbook for veterans embarking on new challenges in higher education.

The guide is one of many offerings of Accredited Schools Online, which was created to be the comprehensive accreditation resource for anyone in the process of selecting a college. Schuessler states that, “It is our fervent hope that through the information we provide here prospective students will be able to make informed decisions about which college to attend and avoid being saddled with student loans and worthless degrees from ‘diploma mills’.”

For more information and other resources from Accredited Schools Online, check out their website at http://www.accreditedschoolsonline.org/