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Home Inspection Checklist: Quick Review of a New Home

The Total Home Inspection Checklist

In past posts, we emphasized the fact that the sale and purchase of real estate can be time-consuming and challenging, particularly if not all details are taken into account. In this blog post, we’ll tell you about a form that is very likely to come in handy as it helps to account for all the major and minor drawbacks that may affect the outcome of a real estate transaction. This form is called the Total Home Inspection Checklist.

Who needs a Total Home Inspection Checklist?

The Inspection Checklist was created to be used by either or both parties engaged in a real estate transaction (typically a sale). The fillable Inspection Checklist Form helps a Seller learn about problem areas before inviting an official home inspector. It can also be used to prepare a house, even before listing a home for sale.

A Buyer, on the other hand, can make use of the Total Home Inspection Form when having a walk-through before agreeing to buy a particular house.

What is the Total Home Inspection Checklist for?

The Total Home Inspection Checklist helps uncover any deficiencies or problems with the property to be sold and bought. However, this PDF Checklist Form should not be the only factor when making a decision to buy, as it does not substitute an Official Home Inspection Report.

Is the Total Home Inspection Checklist accompanied by other forms?

Because the Home Inspection Checklist performs more of an informative function rather than a legally binding one, there is no need to provide any forms or documents to accompany the Checklist, unless required by the parties.

When is the Total Home Inspection Checklist due?

The completion of the Inspection Checklist Form does not follow a strict deadline. It can be filled out when either of the parties considers it necessary. To do this, a Buyer needs to complete the mentioned above walk-through inspection.

How do I fill out the Total Home Inspection Checklist?

The completion of the checklist form is quite straightforward. It contains an extensive list of all the possible conditions of various items, fixtures, components, structures, and surfaces in a house. If there is a problem in one of these areas, an individual conducting an inspection should check the corresponding items. If comments are deemed necessary, they can be put down too.

It is worth noting that all the items enumerated on the checklist are unlikely to be checked, as the Form was created to reflect a property in ideal condition.

Where do I send Total Home Inspection Checklist?

The Total Home Inspection Checklist is used by either of the parties for “informational purposes”, so there is no need to send the completed copy anywhere.

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