How pdfFiller helps Green Brick Title streamline their financing form completion process

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Green Brick Title, LLC based in Plano, Texas, occupies an important space in the house purchasing process. With decades of experience, six employees and a lawyer, Green Brick Title, provides expertise in residential and commercial real estate. The company works directly with realtors, banks, land brokers, builders, developers, and mortgage companies to manage all of their real estate transactions and banking issues. Green Brick Title, LLC also helps companies close complex transactions as efficaciously as possible.


John Hampton is the company’s lawyer and title manager. Since 1979, Hampton has served as an attorney in Texas addressing all of the nuances and complications of residential and commercial real estate law as well as business law. In the past 38 years, Hampton has handled over 500 million dollars in closings without a single claim. He also hosts the local KLIF 570 AM radio “Ask the Lawyer” show.


The Problem

John Hampton regularly has to go through the tedious and time-consuming task of completing UCC-1 and UCC-3 forms. The UCC-1, or Uniform Commercial Code-1, is a financing statement, which is used when property is applied as collateral for a loan. The UCC-3, or Financing Statement Amendment, is used when amendments to the UCC-1 have to be made. Moreover, “the UCC-3 document is a necessity in financing lot purchases from the developer by the builder, as financing is involved in each one. Also, whenever a house is sold, notice of the release of lien is also required.” All of these forms are critical when working with lenders, loan-recipients, and titles.

Hampton was looking for a way to expedite the form filling process, which was originally done by hand. Before pdfFiller, Hamilton said, “We hand-completed manual forms with a template centered on a printer…The old way involved setting up a print template – tedious, time-consuming! – and centering a form in the printer, so that the document could be created. Different versions of the form needed different templates. Multiple printings were necessary to achieve a usable form.”


But this solution was far from ideal for Green Brick Title, said Hamilton: “The process was time-consuming and error-prone. It took a substantial amount of time from an employee whose skills were better used elsewhere to complete these forms.”

Green Brick Title needed a digital solution that could expedite the form filling process. This is how Hamilton found pdfFiller. The transition was simple, and now Green Brick Title’s UCC-1 and UCC-3 forms are all completed digitally.


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The Solution

Since adopting pdfFiller, Green Brick Title has made it an integral part of their document management with three employees using the program “at least three times per week with multiple documents produced,” said Hamilton.

“When a new subdivision is being created and lots are financed, a UCC-1 is filed; when more are taken down, a UCC-3 is filed each time, and when a house is sold and the construction loan is paid off, a UCC-3 is filed again,” said Hamilton. Ultimately, in Green Brick Title’s work, “in each case, pdfFiller is used to complete the form and print the form for filing with the Texas Secretary of State and the county clerk where the property is located.”

The process is easy:  All Green Brick Title has to do is upload the UCC-1 and UCC-3 forms to pdfFiller. Then, using pdfFiller’s easy-to-use online service, they can write directly onto the form itself, changing font size, color, and style to suit their needs. They can save forms with prefilled information, like contact information, as templates, making them faster to complete in the future.


“pdfFiller’s simple to use online templates made our data processing a virtual snap! Tedious manipulation of Word files was replaced by simple insertions and copy/paste,” said Hamilton.

The benefits are numerous! Now Green Brick Title’s forms are completed faster, more accurately, and even look better. “Being able to go online to simply change the last version of the UCC and print it for each transaction allowed more employees to participate, improved the look of the work and, most importantly, its accuracy. The time savings for staff was immense, not to mention that the returns from the government departments went to zero,” Hamilton said. Also, these powerful features in pdfFiller are “easy to use.”


“Using pdfFiller has saved us 110 hours per year at $35.00 per hour as best we can tell,” said Hampton, meaning the company saves at least $3,850 each year. But, Hampton added, “that was just the beginning of the savings, because that time was put to productive, front-end, revenue-producing use, so the swing was at least triple what we saved in addition.”


Ultimately, by streamlining their workflow and making forms faster and easier to fill out, pdfFiller has cut down on operating costs. “Any company interested in bringing government form filling into a less expensive overhead layer and redeploying the more valuable assets would be well served subscribing to PDFfiller,” said Hampton.

While minimizing wasted man hours and paper use, pdfFiller has helped Green Brick Title create better documents more quickly. Using pdfFiller has “reduced printing costs by two thirds.” Moreover, “by virtue of the speed and convenience of pdfFiller we have paid for the subscription at least 50-fold by the employee time saved alone,” said Hamilton. “Anytime working hours can be saved by smooth integration with online programs like pdfFiller, it should always be considered.”

pdfFiller is the best way to complete documents digitally, which allows for faster, cheaper and more effective document management in a professional environment.


Green Brick Title used pdFiller powered by AWS.

Learn how pdfFiller helps Green Brick Title streamline their financing forms completion process