How pdfFiller helps HTDNET improve their document management process

pdfFiller for HTDNET sending and signing documents the digital way

Customer profile

Since 1994, HTDNET has been providing a range of IT solutions. Founded as a web design company, 23 years on, HTDNet now offers comprehensive IT services for both business and personal users. For everything from laptop and server sale and repair to web marketing and design, HTDNET can provide a custom solution.

“We’re a technology service company – computer repair, web design, web hosting, IT services, web marketing, with IT we do pretty much everything,” said Matthew Demaree, the company’s CEO. Last year, HTDNET even began operating a VoIP solution, giving customers a powerful new communication tool.

HTDNET serves hundreds of clients, providing bespoke solutions to both simple and complex technical problems.


The Problem

Demaree was looking for a low cost digital solution that would enable him to add signatures to documents. Before switching to pdfFiller, HTDNET’s contract renewals and other documents were dealt with by “fax machine and DocuSign,” Demaree said. But that process was “long, tedious, and costly.”

Faxing documents was clumsy, as many customers no longer own fax machines and the process requires an extra phone line and an additional device. Moreover, the process tied Demaree to his office. The process was made even more complicated by the fact that customers then had to fill out the form by hand before sending it back, meaning legibility and speed became a concern.


At up to $480 per year for a business plan, DocuSign was an expensive solution to a simple problem. “DocuSign,” said Demaree, “would have cost us more than we wanted to pay… I wanted a lower cost solution than using DocuSign.”

The Solution

Now, instead of an anachronistic, low-tech solution or an expensive, complicated digital processes, HTDNET is using pdfFiller every week.

HTDNET has completely eliminated fax machines from their office, Demaree said and since going digital, “I am 99% paperless. The only paper I really consume is the checks that people mail me.” The digital solution is more ecologically friendly and, by eliminating fax machines, Demaree has improved the legibility of his contracts and reduced their turnaround time. And, at only $180 per year, pdfFiller’s business plan is more than 60% cheaper than DocuSign’s.

Using pdfFiller to have clients complete and sign documents with legally binding digital signatures is easy: Demaree uploads his document to pdfFiller’s online document management solution, adds client information, makes certain fields fillable and then sends them for completion and signature.

pdfFiller makes editing documents, inputting information, and adding a signature easier than other electronic solutions. “I just find it a little bit easier than DocuSign to manipulate a document and get it ready to send out.” said Demaree.


“We’ve asked them to sign [contracts], put their name on it, put their position, and date it,” said Demaree, but pdfFiller also makes it easy to request other information from recipients. With customizable dropdown menus and fillable fields, pdfFiller is the easiest way to collect neat client-completed documents. pdfFiller allows you to mandate that clients submit certain information, ensuring your forms are always complete when they’ve been returned.

With SendToSign, pdfFiller allows you to send documents for legally-binding electronic signatures to up to 20 clients instantly and without ever leaving pdfFiller. You can receive notifications when documents have been signed and returned. And users can also even designate the document be signed in a specific order and have it distributed automatically. Digital signatures reduce document turnaround time and make it easier to keep records of all your contracts.


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pdfFiller is the best way to complete, send, and sign documents.

A completely digital solution: decreases document turnaround time, increases document legibility and makes document storage easier.

Because it is cheaper and more powerful than the competition, Demaree recommends pdfFiller as a solution for companies looking to manage their documents, send and receive contracts, and add legally-binding digital signatures instantly.


HTDNET used pdFiller powered by AWS.

Learn how pdfFiller helps HTDNET improve their document management process