How to Get your Rebates Faster During the Holiday Season

With Christmas shopping reaching its peak, financial strain multiplied by a universal deadline causes a lot of frustration and the potential for stress hormones to push people past their limits is ever-present. We deserve something to look forward to after the Christmas hassle is over and that’s why rebates reward patient customers.

Getting your rebates can be a tricky process, full of its own pitfalls and deadlines. You have to keep all the receipts, serial numbers, model numbers, and other purchase documentation at hand to submit valid claims on time. Even if you’re striving for a rebate from a manufacturer who still relies on paper documents, there’s usually a way to complete the entire process online. Here are some examples of how to redeem your rebates online and remedy all your holiday shopping stress at the same time.

Example 1. It’s time for a new kitchen mixer

Let’s say, you’ve browsed the Home Gifts section at every online store and settled on a brand new kitchen mixer for someone special. One manufacturer is offering a $60 Visa-prepaid card as a rebate on four particular models of this appliance. All you have to do is find and print the rebate form, fill it out with the proper offer dates, serial number, qualifying model number and the original UPC code from product packaging. They also require an original or a copy of your cash register receipt to be attached to your rebate form.

Example 2. A new camera for cataloging those special moments in 2018

A camera would be a perfect gift for those who love photography or anyone that complains about never taking enough pictures. Luckily, a popular brand is offering a great deal: get a $200 reward card for one of three models of cameras approved for a rebate. Once you’ve found the rebate form, have your serial numbers and UPS barcodes ready and limit one claim per eligible product per household.  

PDFfiller to the rescue: skip all the printing and mailing and get your rebate

There is a simple and fast way to take care of all these forms online, no cutting USPS codes from boxes and no more printing rebate forms for every gift. PDFfiller’s online PDF editor allows you to type anywhere on a PDF. You can find lots of rebate forms in PDFfiller’s library. So the improved process of rebate hunting should look like this:

  • Upload the rebate form to PDFfiller. Open it in the editor or find it in PDFfiller’s library of online fillable PDF forms.
  • Follow the instructions and fill it out.
  • Take pictures of your receipts, USPS barcodes or other required documentation that proves your purchase and attach it to the PDF you just filled out.
  • Click Done and choose Print and Send via USPS in a new window. We will print out your completed rebate form and send it as a First Class or Certified Letter for you.

That’s it. Track your rebate form on the manufacturer’s website and wait for the reward you deserve. Happy holidays!