‘Dangerous Goods declaration’: the Best Way to Deliver Special Cargo

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Dangerous Goods declaration for the International Maritime Organization

If it is necessary to deliver dangerous goods by sea, one should follow the instructions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), an agency of the United Nations. First of all, the shipper has to fill out a Dangerous Goods declaration. This document certifies that the specific goods were packed in accordance with the IMO’s General Introduction, IMDG Code, Paragraph 5.4.2. This document is necessary to ship dangerous goods; it is impossible to ship such goods without this declaration.

Let’s find out what the declaration looks like.

Who needs an IMO Dangerous Goods declaration?

The carriage of dangerous goods in international waters is regulated by the International Maritime Organization. In accordance with the laws established by the IMO, every carrier of dangerous goods must fill out this Dangerous Goods Declaration.

What is the IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration for?

Every two years, the IMO amends the existing legislation governing the movement of dangerous goods on board. Each such change is valid for three years. To get the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Regulations Code) code, which is necessary for transporting dangerous goods, there is a need to provide 1) a statement made by the shipper proving that the entire cargo has passed the required certification and that it is properly packed, labeled and identified; 2) a statement from the person who performed packing of dangerous goods indicating that the package has been made properly.

Is the IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration accompanied by other forms?

As a rule, the IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration is accompanied by the Container Packing Certificate. Usually, these two documents are combined into one.

When is the IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration due?

This declaration is valid for the entire period of cargo transportation. The absence of this declaration may result in the cargo being held or confiscated by authorities.

How do I fill out the IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration?

The person who fills out the declaration has to provide the information about the shipper, consignee, and carrier. The declaration must contain the information about the ship’s name and voyage number, port of loading and discharge, additional instructions, information about the cargo (registration number of the unit, number and kind of packages, proper shipping names, IMO hazard class, packaging group of the unit, temperature of transportation, method of goods delivery, and type of unit. The packer and the shipper should also sign and date the declaration.

Where do I send the IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration?

Once signed by the shipper and the packer, the declaration should accompany the cargo from the departure point to its destination.