Increase marketing and sales efficiency in SharpSpring with PDFfiller

Great news: PDFfiller integrates with SharpSpring, a cloud-based marketing automation platform. Now you can close your entire workflow cycle without leaving your SharpSpring account.

PDFfiller features optimize the document processes of any corporate department: HR, sales, legal or finance. No more static documents, time-consuming contract approvals and lost opportunities. SharpSpring and PDFfiller help make your document management efficient. Find out how to boost the productivity of your business inside SharpSpring with the PDFfiller app.


Collect data with fillable PDF forms and create new SharpSpring records

Spending too much time collecting information from customers and vendors? Phone calls and introduction emails often happen in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

PDFfiller has a better solution. Host a fillable form on your company website and allow customers to fill in the information you need when they have free time. Your fillable PDF form will preserve the formatting of the original document. Moreover, you can easily host a form online, no programming knowledge needed. Just take any document from your SharpSpring account, add smart fillable fields and choose your distribution method: via a short link, an embeddable button on your website or QR code. Recipients don’t need a PDFfiller or SharpSpring account to fill out your fillable form.

Make it easy for customers and clients to add their data by customizing fillable fields, setting editing permissions and adding a welcome video to your fillable PDF form.

Once customers fill in their data, PDFfiller will automatically capture and import it into SharpSpring, creating or updating records like leads and opportunities.


Automatically generate documents pre-filled with SharpSpring data

Still typing data into standard invoices and agreements manually? These documents usually need the same repetitive information from SharpSpring such as a company’s name, address, description of items, etc.

PDFfiller allows you to automatically generate documents pre-filled with SharpSpring data. The process is simple: turn any invoice, price list or agreement stored in SharpSpring into a fillable PDF form with smart digital fields and connect these fields to SharpSpring records in one click. Once you click Done, the data from SharpSpring will be automatically merged into connected fillable fields. You can immediately send your pre-filled document to colleagues, business partners or host it on your website to collect the remaining information.


Save time editing PDF documents online

You’ve noticed a typo in the final version of an agreement. What should you do next? Scan the document, save it your computer, edit it using the PDF editor and then upload it back into SharpSpring. This process saves you time, worry, and sometimes even clients.

PDFfiller allows you to quickly edit any native or image PDF online right in SharpSpring, without additional installations. Open a PDF or other document in the PDFfiller editor to modify text, images and graphics. Draw shapes, insert tables and leave comments for recipients and colleagues. Customize the content without changing it: obscure confidential details, highlight important information and add sticky notes.


Speed up your contract execution with e-signatures

Your agreement needs to be signed by several parties. This can be a real nightmare. First, you need to send a copy of the document to each recipient. Then, you have to wait for their signatures, sending them multiple reminder emails. Finally, all signed documents are uploaded to your SharpSpring account. Now it’s time to organize all the separate e-signatures for the original agreement – an unnecessary heap of documents.

Instead, you can send the agreement to be signed by multiple signers using PDFfiller. You can even set a signing order, protect your agreement from unwanted changes and set up reminders to be sent automatically.

Recipients can sign the agreement on any desktop or mobile device in seconds. Once your document has been signed, an email notification will be sent to your SharpSpring account along with the signed agreement. When all signatures have been collected, you will receive a single document containing every recipient signature.

SharpSpring and PDFfiller are a perfect combination for increasing the productivity of your team and boosting revenue.