Make Them Yours With A Watermark

Have you ever created a sample document, a company template, or a form that you wanted people to know was yours?  If so, there’s a new feature at PDFfiller that you will definitely be interested in! Watermarks are text or pictures that appear behind document text. In addition to establishing the provenance of a document, they can also add information or identify document status – for example they may mark a document you are working on as a draft.

PDFfiller’s watermarks feature makes it easier than ever to customize your documents with a personalized watermark.  Where can you find it?  After opening a document in the forms editor you’ll find the new watermark tab on the far right upper corner of the editor.  In the text field you can type in your watermark, and then change its orientation, size, and opacity.  You can also decide to place it across any or all of your pages.



Along with the watermark feature there are two other useful features – particularly for those who want an easy way to add page details to your document.  The first allows you to add a date to each page of your document – either an automatic one or selected from a calendar.  The second feature lets you add page numbers to your form, and will allow you to determine the size of the type and the positioning on the page.




Once you have your document exactly the way you want it, with the date and page numbers, watermark it and the world will know it is yours!  Come and check out some of the other great features PDFfiller provides for editing and sharing your documents – you’ll be amazed by what you discover!