Manage documents effectively with DaDaDocs 2.7 for Salesforce

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PDFfiller announced the release of DaDaDocs 2.7 at the recent Salesforce World Tour in Boston. This release includes usability improvements that allow salespeople to easily navigate the entire document lifecycle while reducing costs.

Find out how to manage your document workflow even more efficiently inside your Salesforce account with DaDaDocs 2.7.


New DaDaDocs Lightning component

Do you prefer the Lightning Experience? Great news: now you can access all your documents and templates stored in Salesforce using the DaDaDocs Lightning component. Add the Lightning component to your record page and begin uploading documents from your computer or cloud storage or select an existing document. Edit agreements, invoices and sales offers, create templates and data collection forms without leaving the Lightning platform.

DaDaDocs’ filters allow users to instantly locate documents or templates and send them out to be signed and completed inside a single component.

Send out documents to be signed and completed even faster

Dealing with important clients can be stressful. How many times have you sent the wrong contract or agreement to a customer? DaDaDocs reduces the chance for user error by allowing documents to be previewed before sending them to be signed or completed. With DaDaDocs’ document preview feature, users can be sure that they’re always sharing the correct forms before hitting send.


Share documents with recipients in a single click and choose permissions

Looks like someone has changed the pricing of your invoice. Now you have to go back through it and recheck all the other figures. Avoid frustrating situations like this by simply sharing your invoice with view-only privileges.

DaDaDocs makes it easy to protect important documents from unwanted changes and yourself from extra stress.

Automatically upload documents to Salesforce

Once a client has signed a sales agreement, your next step is to ask them for an invoice or bill of lading. DaDaDocs allows you to do everything simultaneously, without spending time on extra emails or phone calls. Ask recipients to attach additional documents before you hit the Send button. Recipients fill in, sign and submit your agreement along with your requested documents. The additional documents are automatically uploaded to your Salesforce account. You don’t have to download them to your computer and upload them to Salesforce again.

Save time and improve performance with document packages

Tired of sending documents one by one? Create a package of all related documents and send it as a single file to be signed, annotated or completed. The process of creating a package takes seconds. With a document package, you can be sure that recipients will sign and fill in all documents connected to your deal.

Create a document pre-filled with Salesforce data and send it by email

DaDaDocs is constantly reducing the number of operations required to complete tasks. Users can now create a template and send it by email in a single click. Add fillable fields on a sales offer or price list, connect fillable fields to Salesforce records and send the pre-filled sales offer or price list to business partners via email from the same tab. Moreover, the advanced contact list allows you to quickly add email addresses from Salesforce records.

Install DaDaDocs 2.7 and start using all the latest improvements for your business today.

Stay tuned for future releases – our team is constantly testing new features and is always making DaDaDocs better thanks to your feedback.



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