The Medical Examiner Certificate & Better Road Safety

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The Medical Examiner Certificate for Commercial Drivers

When it comes to commercial transportation and road safety, federal legislation is very thorough and demanding. In addition to obtaining a commercial driver’s license of the appropriate class and yearly vehicle inspections stickers, commercial vehicle transport companies must make sure their drivers get medical examinations and the accompanying Medical Examiner Certificate in a timely manner.

Who needs a Medical Examiner Certificate Form?

The Medical Examiner’s Certificate is used by a certified medical examiner to analyze a driver’s physical condition and determine whether they are fit for driving commercial motor vehicles. The medical examiner conducting an examination must be a member of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. The Registry was created by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to improve road safety and driver health.

What is the Medical Examiner Certificate for?

The Medical Examiner Certificate is an important preventative measure contributing to safety on roads and highways.

Is the  Medical Examiner’s Certificate Form accompanied by other forms?

With regards to the medical checkup, there is no need to bring or apply for any other forms. When submitting the certificate, it is necessary to attach a self-certification document to it. The commercial motor carrier is required to make sure that every driver has a personal file consisting of:
• Driver’s employment application
• Review of driving record
• Annual driver’s certification of violations and annual review
• Road test and certificate
• Medical examiner certificate

When is the Medical Examiner Certificate due?

Typically, the standard medical certificate expires in two years after the date it was issued. However, a lot depends on the driver’s medical condition. For instance, drivers suffering from diabetes can get a certificate that will expire in one year or less.

How do I fill out the Medical Examiner’s Certificate Form?

The filled out Medical Examiner Certificate should bear information about both the driver and the medical examiner, including:
1. Driver’s name
2. Driver qualifications
3. Medical examiner’s name and signature
4. Professional data about the medical examiner (qualification and license, certificate number and issuing state)
5. Driver’s signature
6. Driver’s license number
7. Driver’s address
8. Expiration date of the medical certificate

Where do I send the Medical Examiner Certificate?

The processing of the Medical Examiner Certificate is done in several steps:
1. First, the original certificate must be furnished to the driver who was examined. The medical examiner involved must also keep a copy of the issued document for at least three years.
2. The driver must submit the certificate to the Motor Vehicle Department in their state.
3. The commercial motor carrier must request a copy of the driver’s Medical Certificate from the MVD and keep it on file.

Information indicated on the medical document must be taken into consideration by the MVD and the driver’s employer.