How to merge PDF online?

How often do we face a problem to combine several documents in PDF format into one PDF file? Before now a process of combining different documents into one file used to be more complicated and seemed barely possible. First, you had to print the forms, fill them out, scan and then send to the recipient. Today such issue may be easily solved by using special tools offered by PDFfiller. By using this program you effortlessly can combine PDFs online just in few steps to get a desirable result. The only thing you should do to merge PDF online is follow the instructions below.
First, you should upload your PDF documents into a folder. Draw attention to the fact that you can`t upload and merge more than five PDF files in one folder. After that, open a folder, choose all documents you need to merge and click “More” button in the toolbar. Then click a “Merge” button to combine necessary documents into one PDF file. You can track all actions as shown at the picture below:
merge pdf, merge pdf files, combine pdfs
The next step is changing an arrangement of PDF documents according to your requirements. In the list provided you may see the order in which documents will appear in a merged PDF file. After that, name the PDF folder and click a “Merge” button as given in examples below:

merge pdf, merge pdf files, combine pdfs
merge pdf, merge pdf files, combine pdfs
A merged file further will be saved in a folder with original PDF documents. At the same time all combined PDF documents in a folder will remain unchanged as shown in an example:

Merge PDF online service is a great capacity not only to combine files in a few clicks but also save your time. One more advantage is that you can use this service in most suitable way from any device.
The video with all steps of merging pdf’s provided below: