Moving to North Carolina: Residential Rental Contract

North Carolina is known for her scenic beauty, rich history, moderate climate, and friendly people. This little state on America’s east coast is lot bigger than you’d think. With nearly 9.3 million residents, she boasts 300 miles of gorgeous Atlantic coastline and the some of the highest mountain peaks east of the Rockies. Known as the Furniture Capital of the World, North Carolina is the largest producer of sweet potatoes in the nation, home to the Wright Brothers’ first flight, and the birthplace of Pepsi. Stretching from the Blue Ridge mountains to the warm sand beaches on the coast, this state’s geography and wildlife are just as diverse as it’s people. (

Low cost of living combined with high quality healthcare, top-ranked universities, and healthily growing communities, it’s no wonder the real estate rental market in North Carolina is booming. If you’re moving to or within North Carolina, you’ll most likely end up signing a North Carolina Residential Rental Contract. This basic lease will simply guarantee both your rights, and the rights of your new landlord. Be sure to read it carefully, and ask your landlord any questions you might have. Then when you’re ready, get this sucker signed and start packing! 

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