Multichannel, Crosschannel, Omnichannel: Get your business in the game!

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Omnichannel is provocative and desirable, the individuality and integrity of communication hints to omnipresence and omnipotence.

The way brands communicate with their customers has changed radically. Digital marketing provides personalization and advertising, customer-oriented, integrated approach to communication, which allows you to deliver the right message to the right person in the right
time through an increasing number of channels and devices.

The importance of brand presence on all channels is reduced. Omnichannel marketing seeks to combine innovation with tradition. Their merging together can lead to a two-way interaction that provides effective results for the company and the customer.


Multichannel, Crosschannel, Omnichannel, the differences between the concepts

Multichannel – Messages are delivered using several channels, but communication is not always consistent and does not always have points of contact, does not use different devices. The consumer is affected by several sensory points that act independently. To create parallels with music, it sounds like a solo, duet or trio.




Crosschannel – In musical semantics, it’s more like jazz. Consumers gain experience in which different points of contact are combined for motivation to purchase via all the devices used by the consumer. The impact occurs through multiple sensory points as part of the same communication. However, brands, using a single communication, perform disparate actions, work in functional niches, which does not allow to create a single strong and competitive campaign.




Omnichannel – This could be compared to a real orchestra, in which all instruments harmoniously work together at precisely the right time. Communication occurs with the use of several channels to attract consumers. The message is consistent and cross-linked across all channels. Consumers experience a holistic view that comes from different devices. The brands conduct a single, coordinated and strategically thought-out dialogue with the client.




From theory to practice

Omnichannel experience is what most companies invest in today. They have a website, a blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They use each of these platforms to attract as many customers as possible. In the context of SAAS, products are no longer being developed for IOS or Android, PCs or smartphones. A single multi platform strategy is being developed – both in the production and marketing.

Omnichannel approach combines all platforms and devices that the client will use to interact with the company. All the knowledge gained is used to create a complex perception. Companies that use this concept combine the capabilities, goals, objectives and design of each channel and device.


Develop your omnichannel strategy

To add clarity to our explanation, we propose to get acquainted with a small infographics



So, each company must develop its own unique Omniсhannel infrastructure, and marketers will have to work in close cooperation with the rest of your company. This is the only way to ensure a worthy development of a strategy. In order to create your own program, the following parties need to participate and intertwine:

IT Department
Marketing department
Customer Support Department
Sales Department

An important component of Omnichannel is the ability to masterly juggle a growing array of content from the interaction point, and also provide the management system with enough flexibility to distribute content across a wide range of channels and devices.


Examples of companies implementing an omnichannel approach

It’s one thing to discuss the theory of user experience in “omnichannel”. But it’s quite another to see the leading companies that are already implementing this approach, and they are doing it fantastically. Here are some of them that really deserve admiration.



Disney is working with omnichannel approach, thought through to the smallest detail. It all begins with an acquaintance with a beautiful entertainment-filled site. Their special web resource for travel planning also works well on mobile devices. After you have booked a trip, you can use “My Disney Experience” tool to schedule everything from the start till the end.

For example, you can pick up a place for lunch and take care of Fastpass (this is a free service that allows you to get more convenient access to some of the most popular attractions in Disney parks and reduce waiting time in the queue). While in the park, you can use your mobile application to easily find the sights that you want to visit, as well as get the estimated waiting time for any attraction.

One more step forward is the release of “Magic Band”. This bracelet acts as a key to the hotel room, a device for storing any photos you made with Disney characters, and a food ordering tool. In addition, it has the ability to integrate with the Fass Pass so that you can move freely and not be afraid of losing something. It’s really an omnichannel experience, and Disney yet has no equals in it.



Even a quick glance at the loyalty program in the Starbucks app makes it clear why many consider it one of the best omnicanal experiences.

First, you get free bonuses that you can use at the time of making a purchase. But, unlike traditional loyalty programs, Starbucks gives you the opportunity to check and reload the loyalty card using your phone, website, offline store and application. Any changes in the status of the map and your profile are updated on all channels in real time.




Have you ever encountered problems when making an online meal order? For users, there is nothing more annoying than not getting food on time, especially if they are very hungry. The chain of fast food restaurants Chipotle aims to save its customers from such disappointments. Their online ordering system and mobile application allows you to place an order wherever you are.

Are you on the go and you need a quick and convenient way of ordering? On the company’s web resources, you can save your favorite orders for a quick and “seamless” experience of interaction. Do you want to do additional order for colleagues from the office? Make an order online for the whole team and everything will be ready by the time you arrive. Omnicanal experience makes the life of the client much easier. In addition, easy navigation of the Chipotle service allows you to make an order in a couple of seconds.

The scale of implementation of the omnichannel concept by the companies above may make us understand, that the world where any business will implement and apply this approach is closer, than we think. After all, technology is developing so quickly. And soon even the smallest companies will be in touch with their customers 24/7 – regardless of where they are, what they do, or what device they use.



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