Fillable Forms: PDFfiller Newsletter 4

Fill your tax forms in half the time with Fillable Forms

We’ve done the work for you and made the most commonly-used tax forms fillable

Simple Navigation
Simply click on the field where you’d like to type. Move between fields by pressing the arrow icons or the tab key.

Faster Completion
Once you’ve selected your field, simply start typing. It’s that easy! You can also check selection boxes by clicking on them.

Digital Signing
When you select a signature field in a fillable form, the Signature Manager will open & you can apply your signature to the document automatically.

With fillable forms, you still have full access to all of PDFfiller’s powerful annotation tools, so you can highlight, erase, add images, sign, draw, add text and much more, anywhere on the document.

Each Month We Highlight How Using PDFfiller can Benefit Your Industry

Sharon Lemke

Sharon’s Success Story

Sharon Lemke is an HR specialist who works for a small tech company. It’s her job to get out tax and other HR forms to 46 employees. These include the W9, W4, I9 and NDA forms that employees sign when they are first hired and the W2 forms to report wage-related income during tax season.

“ – I am a bit of a procrastinator and having PDFfiller to help me collect the filled-out forms, send them out, and store them for our own records was a life saver! I especially love the fillable forms – I can do them in my sleep and it takes me half the time to get everything ready to go. I often need more than one signature on a single document and PDFfiller makes it easy and fast to get joint signatures.”

Chicago, IL

PDFfiller Team