Getting the Best of Both Worlds with Office 365

We have more exciting news for you about the ever-expanding family of programs and services with which PDFfiller is building working partnerships. You may have already tried our ‘Edit With Google’ feature, which enables you to send documents from your PDFfiller account to Google Docs where it’s possible to take advantage of word processing tools (read more about that here). Well now, the same thing is possible with Office 365!

Office 365 is the brand name used by Microsoft for a group of software plus service subscriptions that provide subscribers with software like Microsoft Word. If you use Microsoft Word for your word processing needs, now you can seamlessly move your documents from PDFfiller into your Office 365 account and back again!

Here’s how it works: When you are on your forms page, if you click on the checkbox next to a Word document, you’ll see the option to edit in Office 365.  Note that this option is only available for the Word documents in your account and not for the PDFs.  You can check the file format of your document by looking at the small icon next to the document title.

Once you click on ‘Edit in Office 365’, you’ll be taken to an instruction page to confirm that you want to edit your document with Word online.  Press the orange ‘Edit Document’ button to open it in the Office 365 editor where you’lll have access to a full range of word processing tools.


Any changes you make to your document in Office 365 are saved automatically.  When you are finished editing your document, simply look for the message ‘Saved to OneDrive’ which should appear at the bottom of the window. If you see that, it’s safe to close the window.



Next you’ll want to save your changes to PDFfiller.  Do that by simply clicking on the orange ‘Complete’ button back in PDFfiller.  This will reimport your document into your PDFfiller account with the changes you have made.


Integrations like these make it possible for PDFfiller to build on the capacities of your favorite tools and platforms so you can get the best of both worlds.  If there’s a program that you use daily which you think could work with PDFfiller, go ahead and drop us a note! We’d love to be inspired by you!