One Year After Hurricane Sandy: It Pays to be Prepared

One year after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy on the east coast, many of us are still considering how much our insurance policies will protect our assets in the case of the next natural disaster.

For homeowners, insurance is a requirement at time of purchase, but does not usually cover flooding. A landlord’s insurance policy may partially a renter in cases of injury or property damage, but without holding personal renters’ insurance policies, most renters would be out of luck post-superstorm.

Here at PDFfiller, helping you prepare for the unexpected is our top priority. We provide you with important information about choosing homeowners insurance, especially in areas at high risk for severe weather, as well as fillable insurance application forms for renters and homeowners from across the United States. Because each state follows different standards in terms of insurance required, and every company offers differing types of coverage, we are featuring a video here to demystify the process. The video explains all the basics of acquiring insurance no matter where you live.

When you are ready to purchase a policy from your preferred insurer, we recommend using our Search tool to find your state-specific forms, along with the forms specific to the type of insurance you’re looking for.

FEMA, the Federal government’s Emergency Management Agency, also offers assistance that may supplement what your existing insurance does not cover. Watch the video below for an explanation of how FEMA’s assistance works, and for practical suggestions on preparing for a flood.

Also, FEMA has launched iPhone and Android apps that can help you plan for and manage the effects of a natural disaster.

When skies are sunny and winds are calm, it’s hard to believe how unexpected severe weather can impact your home or region. If you do not yet have adequate insurance in place, think about reviewing your policies. After all, it always pays to be proactive.

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