How To Organize Your Filing System with Smart Folders for Increased Productivity

The deal is almost closed. You’ve sent the approved version of the agreement to be signed, you’re ready to enjoy your evening and suddenly your customer asks you to send them the first version of a previous agreement that was signed six months ago. Your PDFfiller inbox contains nearly a thousand documents. Instead of a relaxed evening with friends, you spend two hours frantically searching your inbox for the requested document.

Sound familiar? If this is a common situation for your business routine, it’s time to rethink the organization of your filing system. Spending two minutes a day on this task can save hours at the end of the month.


Customize your Folder Structuring System

Before you start creating hundreds of folders and copying documents there, think of the variables that your work revolves around. Your system of organization should be consistent with the peculiarities of your working process.

Do you create customized documents for each client? Organize files by a client’s name. Do you work around projects? Create a separate folder for each project. Do you need to search for documents by date? Are the deadlines of your business rigid or flexible? Choose a week, month or year as organizational criteria. Browsing through files and folders should be an intuitive process so even your colleagues can find a document in your system of folders.


Tag Documents and Create Smart Folders to Save Time

With PDFfiller you can organize your filing systems not only with folders but with tags as well.

Tags are markers that help you categorize documents.

Tagging is a convenient way to organize documents by several different criteria in order to quickly locate them. And what is more – you can add up to 50 tags to a single document.

Tag a document right after the approved and signed version appears in your PDFfiller account.

For example, instead of moving the first version of an agreement to the client’s folder or to your agreements folder, simply add tags for ‘client name’, ‘document type’ and ‘date’ to the document.

If you want to organize a separate folder for a client or project, your next step is to create a smart folder. Name the folder and filter the documents it will contain by indicating which document tags to allow. All documents with the indicated tags will be moved to the newly created folder.

Don’t worry if you forget names of your tags, all of them are shown in the existing tags list.

Even if you don’t have time to create a smart folder right now, you can easily search for  a document by its tags in your account:

Try tagging documents and never misplace important documents in your account again.


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