Turn Your World Right Side Up with PDFfiller ‘Pages’ Tool

Have you ever received a PDF form where one of the pages was upside down? If that’s something that drives you crazy, never fear, PDFfiller has a ‘Pages’ tool that lets you correct the orientation of a document – or even a single page within a document. But that’s the least of  its capabilities…

The Pages tool is located on the left hand side of your Editor screen – it can open and close with the small arrow tab. When you open the Pages tool, you can preview thumbnails of each page of the document.   On the top of tool you’ll see two bars.  The lower bar allows you to change the order of  individual pages within the document, as well as rotate or delete them.  Pressing the restore button returns the document to its previous state.



In the upper bar, the arrow keys allow you to advance through pages individually while the double arrows  take you to the beginning or the end of the document.

The ‘Gear’ button is where things get really good.  When you click on the button, you will see a list of options including ‘Copy Fields’, which allows you to copy all the fields you edited on one page and paste them on subsequent pages with a single click.  That comes in real handy when you have to fill out forms – say the IRS W2 Form – in which you have to add the same information to multiple pages. You can also clear the information you added to one or all of the pages of the document.



So take a page out of PDFfiller‘s book, and take advantage of everything that the ‘Pages’ tool has to offer.  It can give you a whole new outlook on filling your forms!