Password-protect PDF documents with the Alto Chrome extension


With PDFfiller’s Alto extension, you can easily password-protect your documents in no time. Adding a password to your PDF document is easy: add the Alto Extension to your Chrome browser and use it any time you want to protect PDFs with a password. 


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Here’s how it works in more detail: 

How to add the extension to your Chrome browser

No need to download, unarchive, and launch any long installation process. One click to add the extension gives you instant results and it will be ready to protect your files with a password. 

Chrome extensions

Enjoy the features you get after adding the Alto Extension

  • A tiny icon next to the address bar in the browser is always there for you! It’s easily accessible when you work in Chrome. Minimize your efforts with Alto Protect PDF.
  • Generate a password of your own and make it as complicated as needed. Make sure only your authorized user will have the chance to open it!

Keep calm – the PDFs you upload from your computer’s storage or Google Drive are deleted from the server instantly after downloading.

Stay secure with PDFfiller, keep your documents confidential and share them with confidence. Try Alto Protect PDF now and discover that total security is possible!