Digital Timesheets for Medical Offices: A Case Study

RoHealth & PDFfiller Whitepaper

Getting Timesheets
Done On Time
Ro Health needed to find a way to send out timesheets to over 100 employees every week, and have them filled and returned by clients punctually by 11:00 am every Monday morning. To do this, they needed certain competitive advantages – the technology had to be easy to use, it had to save them money, and it needed to be responsive to their company’s needs.
In addition to meeting requirements for ease of use and price point, PDFfiller serves as a comprehensive document management platform that saves time and money by increasing workflow efficiency.
Ro Health, a company that provides staffing services to a wide range of healthcare businesses ranging from on-site nursing to home healthcare and school medical services, needed a document management service compatible with multiple platforms and different kinds of devices.
The solution had to be digital so Ro Health could edit and track filled timesheets to maintain accurate payroll records. The system also had to be simple as many of Ro Health’s clients were used to dealing with paper timesheets.

PDFfiller’s LinkToFill
Ro Health ultimately turned to PDFfiller for its greater flexibility and integrated approach to document management. PDFfiller offers a feature called LinkToFill which is an online document hosting tool that lets anyone access fillable forms like timesheets, registration forms, questionnaires, intake forms or anything else. These embedded forms can be filled using buttons on company websites or sent directly to clients via urls and QR codes.
Ro Health began using PDFfiller’s LinktoFill to distribute fillable timesheets to their employees. Every week Ro Health sends out a link to their employees via email, which leads them to a fillable timesheet. Employees fill out timesheets on their desktop or mobile devices, and submit them directly to Ro Health’s payroll for processing. The filled out forms are automatically uploaded into Ro Health’s PDFfiller account. Ro Health reviews and edits accounting errors, organizes the forms, and saves them to the cloud for storage. Most important for payroll purposes, each form is returned with a record of the date and time of submission for accurate payroll processing.


An All-in-One Platform
A User-Friendly System
Key to PDFfiller’s advantage in document management is its ease of use. Employees who receive links for fillable forms via PDFfiller don’t need to have their own PDFfiller accounts or provide codes to access or fill in documents, making timesheet submission flexible and simple. According to Caitlin Field, the payroll processor at Ro Health, “you just click on the link every week, you fill it out, you press submit, and if the client wants a copy, they type in their email address. It’s been great in that respect.”
…You just click on the link every week, you fill it out, you press submit, and if the client wants a copy, they type in their email address. It’s been great in that respect.
Ro Health is impressed by the flexibility of PDFfiller on the provider side, particularly for on-site health care providers like school health services. According to Caitlin, “It’s very easy for people to use. People can open it on their phone, on their tablet, on their computers, it is very functional in that way.”
Greater Cost Savings
Ro Health uses PDFfiller for a low monthly rate, giving them huge cost savings and an important boost to their financial bottom line. In addition to being able to use the LinkToFill feature to distribute fillable timesheets, Ro Health takes advantage of a whole range of features from PDF editing to cloud storage to eSignature solutions.
Responsive Customer Support
No one wants to be left out on a limb when trying out a new technology. One of the great advantages of working with PDFfiller is 24-hour customer support and a development team capable of creating customized enterprise solutions. When Ro Health needed a timestamp to be added to the LinkToFill interface so that payroll administrators could see both the date and time of form submission for accurate payroll processing, PDFfiller was able to add that feature within the same day of Ro Health’s request.
The time stamp alone saves Ro Health at least two hours every Monday going back through email.
According to Caitlin, “the time stamp alone saves Ro Health at least two hours every Monday going back through email”. The time and cost savings are two of the main reasons that Ro Health is shifting to online document management. As Caitlin points out, “time is definitely our most valuable asset”.

PDFfiller FOR

An Immediate Return
on Investment
While other service providers focus on a single feature like signature management, there is no other platform that combines the range of features that PDFfiller offers, allowing companies to move documents seamlessly from start to finish. PDFfiller provides the services of an online editor, cloud storage platform, and a signature request manager all in one package, making it an ideal solution for companies that need a variety of features from one integrated program.
As Ro Health moves their clients to online timesheet submission using PDFfiller, their return on investment will continue to pay off. Recent integrations with other popular service providers including Slack and Salesforce will enable companies to continue to work with business management tools they already use, while continuing to take advantage of the single platform that covers all their document management needs. Currently PDFfiller is developing a new webinar series that gives companies training on all the features available to them, from PDF editing, to signature request, to automated document completion.
For Ro Health, the benefits of working with PDFfiller are increasingly clear. The user-friendly platform, the time and money savings, and PDFfiller’s ability to engage with the company’s needs have all made for a great experience in transitioning to online document management. For any company looking for both cost effectiveness and a more comprehensive range of applications, PDFfiller is the obvious choice.
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