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PDFfiller+USLegal: 85K legal documents without leaving PDFfiller

Yes, it’s official. PDFfiller and USLegal are now a pair. From here on out, PDFfiller users will have access to the largest online library of legal documents and encyclopedia of legal terms.

Why USLegal is more than just a law website

USLegal is one of the first legal services on the Internet, providing individuals, small businesses, and attorneys with legal documents for corresponding information for over 20 years. It’s the go-to legal site for individuals, small businesses, attorneys, corporations, and anyone interested in legal information, products or services.

Whether you need a legal document for business or personal reasons, USLegal has something for you.

USLegal services include:

  • A vast electronic catalog and a database of over 90,000 ready-to-use legal forms and templates.
  • Tons of legal information: terms and definitions, articles, guides, handbooks, FAQs, and much more.
  • State-specific forms and form packages that will help you start a business, rent an apartment, sell a house, prepare a will or settle family-related issues.

With USLegalForms, consumers, small businesses and attorneys can simplify their workflows. They can find state-specific packages with contractor forms, edit and sign them in PDFfiller, and send them for approval to other participants in their workflow. And to make everything even better, convenient integration with PDF Filler provides every user with all the necessary information and instructions needed to fill out each legal form/document.


Your digital workflow at its best!

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PDFfiller+USLegal: how it works

All you need to start working with USLegalForms is a valid PDFfiller Premium subscription (no additional fees are applied), then:

  • Use your dashboard to access the USLegalForms catalog and find the form you need in Word, RTF, or PDF format.
  • The documents in your subscription are divided into subcategories. Browse forms by category from your account page, or search for the desired document using the search field.
  • Each USLegal form has an ID, a description, and a preview. Law summaries are also available for select forms. Use the form preview to make sure you’ve chosen the right legal document.
  • You can either fill out your form electronically using the PDFfiller web editor or download the document to your device. If needed, print it and fill it out by hand.
  • Feel free to use the FAQ section, call support, or fill out the feedback form if you have any questions.

However, online legal services don’t replace the need for an attorney to file things on your behalf, or when you need to seek individualized business guidance. Though, if you’re looking for a fast easy-to-use online form that gives you the legal document you need for any given situation, an online legal service becomes a must-have.

Integration with USLegal makes it extremely easy for PDFfiller users to find the legal document they’re looking for, as well as find the necessary legal term. Whether you want to start your own business, sell a house, rent an apartment, prepare a will or settle family-related issues, USLegalForms has you covered.

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