Pennsylvania Standard Agreement for the Sale of Real Estate

Are you thinking of moving to Pennsylvania this summer?  Got houses on your mind?  You should know of at least three houses in PA, which are notable for some very unexpected reasons!

One of the oldest “houses”…

Meadowcroft Rock Shelter, in Avella, Pennsylvania, near the Ohio border, is the oldest inhabited site in North America. The Rockshelter, named a National Historic Landmark in 2005, has provided archaeologists with a rare glimpse into the lives of the first people to arrive in the New World.  The first prehistoric artifacts were actually discovered in a groundhog burrow at the site in 1955 by property owner and museum founder, Albert Miller.  At Meadowcroft you can visit the archeological site and villages representing those who lived in the area for the last 16,000 years.

One of the most famous American houses,

Fallingwater, built in Mill Run PA between 1936 and 1939,  is the name of a very special house that was built over a waterfall.  Frank Lloyd Wright, one of America’s most famous architects, designed the house for his clients, the Kaufmann family.  They thought their new house would have a wonderful view of the falls, but instead, the house sits right on top,  appearing to float in mid-air!  Fallingwater captured everyone’s imagination and became famous when it was on the cover of Time magazine in 1938.  Today it is a National Historic Landmark and has received 4.5 million visitors since opening to the public in 1964.

And a haunted house!

On the historic Farnsworth House’s candlelit ghost walks you can descend into a 19th-century Victorian viewing parlor and learn the stories of the spirit residents.  Farnsworth house is located in Gettysburg which is famous for its haunts, as the site of some of the most tragic battles of the Civil War.  Baltimore Street downtown and Hospital Road in particular are purported hotspots for spirits with unfinished business.

So now that you know about these houses, how about finding one for yourself?

Once you find your potential new home,  your realtor will have you sign a Pennsylvania Standard Agreement for the Sale of Real Estate.   You can use PDFfiller to download the PA real estate agreement, fill it and out, sign it, and return it to your realtor via email, fax, or even sms.  With all the time you save, you can get busy exploring Pennsylvania.  Welcome to the neighborhood!