pMail, Pages, Date & Signature – Newsletter 5

Seamless Document Management with pMail

Give your friends the power of PDFfiller with pMail.  pMail enables you to seamlessly share documents with colleagues without leaving the platform.

Rearrange, Rotate, Delete and Insert Pages

Have you ever received a document with one page that was upside down? Rotate, rearrange, delete or insert pages to customize your documents the way you like.

Cut and Paste to Avoid Retyping

Cut and paste fields from one page to another with a single click. You can also clear all previously entered information on your document pages.

Allow only Date and Signature Tools When

Sending out for Signature

Send your document to a recipient requesting date and signature only. This will help prevent unwanted modification of documents.

Each Month We’ll Highlight How Using PDFfiller
Can Benefit Your Industry

Arthur K.

Chicago, IL

Arthur’s Success Story

Arthur K. always loved the convenience of using PDFfiller to fill out and sign personal documents, so when he started Magna Realty, he introduced it to the whole staff. He knew that the software would help his agents spend less time managing documents and more time selling houses. Magna agents also save valuable time getting contracts signed remotely using PDFfiller’s signature request feature.

” – The technology makes it easier to recruit top agents and close more listings. Our agents have the flexibility of sitting down with a buyer to accept an offer on the fly on their smartphones or tablets.”

PDFfiller Team

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