Power up your document workflow on MacOS and Windows with the PDFfiller desktop app

document workflow

PDFfiller gives users the ability to edit, e-sign and turn PDFs into fillable forms online. Save time by uploading documents from MacOS or Windows devices right to your PDFfiller account. The desktop app is designed to increase productivity by eliminating time-consuming steps and processes.

Even if you’re not working in your PDFfiller account at the moment, you can still add PDFs stored on your computer (or flash drive) to your account and process them later. This allows you to consistently maintain productivity, regardless if you’re inside or outside the office.

Let’s review what makes this desktop app so advantageous for performing document related tasks.

document workflow

  1. Easy installation process

Install the PDFfiller desktop app by visiting the macOS or Windows pages. No logins or additional accounts are needed. Click the ‘Get It Now’ button to download the installation file and run it on your computer.

  1. Customize the app to your preferences

Don’t want to spend time launching the desktop app each time you need to upload a document? Set up the PDFfiller app to run on your system startup so you’re always ready to upload and edit PDFs once your laptop or PC boots up.

  1.  Stay in the loop

Stop refreshing your email inbox whenever you’re waiting for a signed contract or completed order form. Instant desktop notifications will inform you once a new document arrives in your PDFfiller account.

  1. React quickly

Feeling annoyed when you have to login each time you need to access a document? Having to constantly remember and type in your credentials can prove to be a distraction from the task at hand. Connect the desktop app with your PDFfiller account so you can add PDFs to your account whenever you want.

  1. Upload documents to a specific folder in your account to easily locate them

You’ve uploaded a document to your account, but later had to spend half an hour trying to find it… The PDFfiller desktop app helps you solve this issue. Set the app to ask for a specific folder each time you want to upload a document and forget about any frustrating searches.

  1. Need to make additional edits to a PDF?

Once you’ve uploaded a PDF from your Mac or Windows computer, you can instantly access the PDFfiller editor online. Just select ‘Visit pdffiller.com’ and you’ll see the ‘Dashboard’.

Try the PDFfiller desktop app for MacOS or Windows and make your document routines easier and faster. Edit text, images and graphics in PDFs, turn them into online fillable forms and host them on your website like to collect signatures and data.



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