Providing Evidence of Personal Property Insurance

 You may have noticed on both this blog and on that a lot of our forms are labelled “ACORD.” In case you were curious, Acord is a nonprofit insurance industry organization that supplies standard forms, including the Acord 27: Evidence of Property Insurance form. Most often, this form is used to certify insurance coverage to mortgage and other financial lenders.

This Evidence of Property Insurance form includes blank fields where you can describe your current insurance coverage, policy information, and various possible liabilities that your property may involve. The Acord organization created the form to be really self-explanatory, which means it’s quick and easy to fill out.

The Acord 27 form is also sometimes referred to as the Evidence of Personal Property Insurance, and it’s used to provide information on homeowner policies and residential tenants. The Acord 28 form is intended solely for commercial or business properties.

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