Really, Any PDF: Using Our Search Tool

Can really be used to fill out any PDF form? It’s the most frequently asked question we hear, and the answer is yes.

Unless a PDF file is corrupted in some way, any PDF file will be compatible with our software. You can upload it into PDFfiller’s system from your computer’s desktop or the web, or search for it on our expansive database. You will then be able to type on it, add checks to necessary boxes, add images, sign it or edit it using any of the tools on the editor page. Save your edited version to your computer, print it, email it, or fax it as many times as you’d like, regardless of where it originally came from or how many changes you’ve made.

We have all the tools, all you need is a form to fill out. Guess what? We’ve got you covered there, too.

We’ve already discussed how to upload a PDF form from your computer or from the internet, but we haven’t yet introduced you to the huge collection of ready-to-use documents available‘s database. You can use our search tool to access any form in our vast library.

Our search tool is located at the bottom navigation bar found on every page on our website. It is the third item in from the right.


When you click on the search tool, you will arrive on a search page which gives you great tips for how to use it best.

As soon as you begin typing, you’ll see that PDFfiller makes suggestions for you based on the what is in our database. You may either choose from the suggested forms, or continue typing to find your own.

Note: Suggestions will often include both regional and national versions of the same form, so continue adding specifics until the version you want pops up or you have the exact phrase that you want to search on. Then click the “Search” button.

You will arrive at list of search results. Choose the form that you were looking for by clicking the red “Fill Online” button to the right.

From here, you will be taken to the editor page. To learn more about editing your PDFs, click here. Have questions? Comments? Contact us anytime. Thanks for using PDFfiller!