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IRS Form 8822-B: Change of Address or Responsible Party – Business Form

When you change the mailing address of your business, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has to be notified. The last thing you want is having your important, time-sensitive or confidential mail sent to the wrong address. To reduce difficulties and make the transition easier, you will need to inform the IRS about your new address in a timely manner. Typically, you are required to complete and submit IRS Form 8822-B, also known as the Change of Address or Responsible Party – Business Form.

Once the IRS is notified about the new location of your business, they will then update the information in their database and send all notices, refunds, checks, or any other tax documents to the new address. If you do not inform the IRS about this change, all correspondence will still be sent to the previous location of your business.


How to update the new address of your business

There are several ways to inform the IRS about the address change of your business. First, you can update the new location of your business when filing your tax return. The IRS will take note of the change and update their records. You may also notify the post office of your new location, and they will forward all mail to the new address. And the third and most efficient option is to simply file Form 8822-B. This will guarantee that the IRS will know about the new change of address.

The form may be used not only to notify the IRS about your business address change but also about the change of the identity of your responsible party. The representative who signs all tax documents for the taxpayer has to complete an 8822-B and attach a copy to your power of attorney.


How long does it take to process Form 8822-B?

Once you have submitted this form to the IRS, it will take between four and six weeks for everything to be fully processed.


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How to fill out Form 8822-B?

The estimated time for completing the form is about 18 minutes. It is a two-page document. The first page must be filled out by the taxpayer or a tax preparer. The second page contains the instructions. Keep in mind that many different factors and individual circumstances can impact the process.

First of all, if you operate a tax-exempt business, you have to check the appropriate box. Then, you must indicate how this form will affect your tax return, employee benefit plan return or business location. Simply check the corresponding box.

After that, you will then need to provide the following information: business name, employer identification number, old mailing address, new mailing address, new business location, name of the new responsible party and social security number. When you’ve completed all required fields, sign the IRS Form 8822-B.


Can I file Form 8822-B online?

Not only can you file this form online, but by doing so, the process becomes easier. By filing electronically, the estimated time drops from 18 minutes to less than 5 minutes. With PDFfiller, you can easily type in all necessary information, check spelling, sign the form and send it to the IRS via email.


Where do I mail IRS Form 8822-B?

This depends on your old business address. Depending on the previous business location, you will need to send the form to one of the following two addresses:

  • The Internal Revenue Service, Cincinnati, OH 45999-0023
  • The Internal Revenue Service, Ogden, UT 84201-0023

On the second page of the form, you will see a list of states. You then select the state where you operate your business and then choose the correct address for filing.