6 Things to Consider when Asking for the Removal of the Conditions on Residency

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Form I-751: Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence

Lots of people dream about migrating to the United States. To eventually move to the US a person needs to go through a complicated visa process and wait for about a year to finally get the approval. And this is just a part of the story. If you’re a Green Card holder you will be granted permanent residence status that allows you to live and work in US while obeying all its laws. If you apply for residency through marriage, you’ll be given conditional permanent residence status which is in fact a probation period. To pass it you must meet a number of requirements and fill out some paperwork. Below are six things to know about Form I-751 that will grant you the desired residency status if completed properly.

Who needs Form I-751?

Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, is used by conditional residents to ask the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to remove conditions and make them permanent residents of the United States. Not only adults can be conditional residents. A child who moves to a stepparent who is a US resident is also considered to be a conditional resident.

What is Form I-751 for?

There are various reasons to remove conditions on residence, but the main and the most popular is marriage to a US citizen. An important thing is that a marriage must be less than two years old for a spouse or a child to be given conditional residence. In this case Form I-751 serves to prove that the marriage is valid and was not intended to evade US laws.

Is it Accompanied by Other Forms?

Filing Form I-751 isn’t enough to claim the removal of conditions. You must provide more documents to prove you deserve to obtain permanent residency. These are documents verifying marital status. Keep them ready to send out if a USCIS official requests confirmation of any claim on this form.
If you chose to print out the completed Form I-571 and file a paper copy, don’t forget to put your signature in Part 7. Also remember, there is a filing fee of $505. There is an additional biometric fee of $85, but it is not obligatory for every applicant. You’ll learn, whether you need to pay a biometric fee from the USCIS officer processing your petition.

When is Form I-751 Due?

You must file it 90 days before the conditional residence expires.

How do I Fill out Form I-751?

You have to provide the fullest information about a conditional resident, contact information, marital status. Also you have to check the box that reports basis for petition. You can request a filing waiver. There are separate sheets to provide information about a petitioning spouse.

Where do I Send Form I-751?

Depending on your place of residence, you must file this form either with the USCIS California Service Center or the USCIS Vermont Service Center. The final step to take before you get your residency conditions removed is an interview. It will be scheduled by the USCIS after you file Form I-751. Wait for the notification and get ready for the interview.