Rental Application: How to Rent Out a Flat Safely

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Rental Application Form

Let’s imagine that you own a nice flat in a good district and you want to lease your real estate. Of course, you will try to find the best renters: capable of paying, reliable and polite. If there are too many people who wish to live in your property, you may ask your possible renters to fill out the rental application so you can choose the best tenants. The rental application will be very useful for the landlord even in the future: the information provided will help to get in touch with the renters anytime. Besides this, the document specifies the amount of the rental payment and the lease term, which is very important for a tenant. You should keep in mind that different states have different variants of the rental application, so make sure you are using the correct one. It’s time to look more precisely at the most common rental application.

Who needs a Rental application?

The application is filled out by the renters. If individuals want to rent a popular apartment or house, the landlord may ask them to complete a rental application, so that he or she can see all the advantages of such a bargain.

What is the Rental application for?

The application is very useful for the landlord as it provides the most important information about the future renter. It’s highly recommended to save a copy of the application in case any disputes arise.

Is the Rental application accompanied by other forms?

If the landlord asks for additional documents, the renter can attach them to the application as well.

When is the Rental application due?

The tenants have to send the application on request or as soon as they find a suitable rental offer.

What information should be provided in the Rental application?

The rental application asks for a lot of information. Actually, it may be a problem for a landlord to obtain the personal data of the renter, such as SSN. People usually don’t want to share it with strangers. But this information is very important for the landlords and they should find a way to get it. Anyway, the renters have to add:

  • Their personal information: full legal name, SSN, phone number, driver’s license, date of birth
  • Information about their current address: current address and previous address (including landlord’s name and phone, reasons for moving, monthly rent, date of moving in and out)
  • Information about their current employment: name of the employer, position, start date, employer’s phone, monthly salary, address)
    personal history (questionnaire concerning the background)
  • Information about the vehicle (year, model, color, license plate number)
  • List of other residents who will live with the renter (each of them has to apply personally, though)
  • Contacts in case of emergency (contact address and phone number)
  • The applicant also has to sign and date the document.

The landlord fills out the rent amount, the sum of the security deposit, lease term and the date of move-in.

Where do I send the Rental application?

The completed and signed application is sent to the landlord. One copy should be kept by the renter for the personal records.