Reporting Employee Earnings: The W-2 and Related Forms

This post was updated in April 2018

As many business owners know, the beginning of the new year means it’s time to send out W-2 forms. Form W-2 details wages paid to employees and taxes (income and FICA) withheld from those wages during the previous tax year. Employers must send copies of completed W-2 to the Social Security Administration, local and state tax offices if applicable, and to their employees by January 31st, 2018. Employees will use their W-2 to fill out sections of their Form 1040 tax return related to earned income.

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What about the W-2C and W-2G?

Forms W-2C and W-2G are both related to the regular W-2, though in very different ways. Employers complete a Form W-2C if the original W-2 submitted to the SSA contained incorrect information. W-2C must be filled out and submitted to the SSA as soon as any W-2 mistakes are discovered.

In the same way that the W-2 reports wage income, Form W-2G reports winnings from various types of gambling, such as slot machines or horse racing. W-2G also reports federal tax withheld from those winnings. Casinos and other organizations that conduct gambling activities must fill out a W-2G and provide a copy to the winner, as well as to the IRS.

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