Revolutionize Document Signing with PDFfiller’s New SendToSign

PDFfiller Users – we’ve got some exciting news!  As a part of a continual process of improving and expanding our capabilities based on customer feedback, we’ve just revolutionized our SendToSign feature.   Now getting documents signed and customizing your signing process is easier than ever.

There are three new ways to request signatures depending on what you need.  Here’s how it works…


SendtoSign allows you to send a unique copy of a document to be digitally signed by up to 0 recipients.  You will receive a confirmation email as each document is signed.  For example, let’s say you have a release form that you need all of your employees to sign – this option allows you to send the document out to each individual and receive an email confirmation when each person has signed their own form.


This option enables you to send a document to be digitally signed by up to 20 recipients, in a specific order.  This might be useful when you have a document for which a specific signing protocol must be followed – for example, if a performance review must be signed by a chain of supervisors and then signed off finally by an employee.  You will receive a confirmation email once the document has been signed by each recipient in the chain.


You can also send a single document to be digitally signed by up to 20 recipients, in any order.  You would use this option in the case you had a single document that needed multiple signatures, for example in the case of a housing contract, in which one document needs the signature of the buyer and the seller and any other relevant parties.

In each of these cases, we’ll automatically create a free PDFfiller account for your recipients (if they are not already PDFfiller users), so they can easily sign and send your document back.

Click here to get started sending out your documents for signature and discover the many ways, from editing your PDFs to easy and efficient document signing and sharing, that PDFfiller can help you to get the most from your PDFs!