Securely Share Large Size Business Documents with Others via a Link

Whether you’re an HR manager, tax advisor, nonprofit professional or self-employed, sharing digital documents with your clients and business partners is an everyday necessity. Sending a one-page document via email may not be a problem for most. But for large size files, multiple documents or documents that should be securely protected from unwanted edits, a better solution is needed.


What is the Best Way to Share a Document With a Large File Size or Multiple Documents?

PDFfiller automates each cycle of your document workflow so that you can spend more time on really important tasks for developing your business. Sharing options are very important so that quick collaboration with your business partners and customers on PDF agreements, reports, contracts and business plans can happen organically online.

Our recently released sharing features allow users to automatically generate a secure link to any document in their PDFfiller account and provide recipients with instant access to multiple PDFs on any desktop or mobile device via a Shared Folder. Don’t worry about your colleagues or clients making unnecessary edits: you can set the editing permissions for each recipient to keep your documents safe.


How Can I Share my Documents via a Link?

With PDFfiller you can easily share a document via a link or save your documents in a shared folder. You can give recipients instant access to all files within this folder on any device.

Share a PDF via a link so that multiple recipients can review it for comment or approval in seconds.


Click Share on the right pane and switch Share by to Link.

Enable your link, set the editing permissions for a recipient (edit and comment or view only) and distribute the link among your colleagues, business partners or customers.

If you share a document via a link, you won’t generate copies: recipients make edits online in the original file. Once all the edits are done, you can immediately print the document, fax, save it to your computer or PDFfiller account.

Note that only one recipient can open a shared document at a time. You can unshare a document whenever needed.


I Want to Share Multiple PDFs from my PDFfiller Account with my Colleagues. What Should I Do?

The best way to share multiple documents with your colleagues and business partners is to move these PDF files into a separate shared folder. With a Shared Folder, you can quickly distribute tax forms, several versions of a contract, multiple applications, etc.,  and set editing permissions for each colleague depending on your needs.

First, move all the documents you’d like to share to one folder and right click it. Choose Share Folder.

You can quickly add multiple recipients from your address book, set notification options and choose what your recipients can do with documents in a folder: view, edit or sign.

Personalize an email invitation and automatically send it to your colleagues or business partners.

If you need your agreements, contracts or invoices edited by a certain date, set an automatic reminder for each recipient.

Organize and automate your document workflow with PDFfiller’s sharing options.